Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sen. Webb Wants A "Do Over" On Obamacare

Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) when interview on "Daily Rundown" on MSNBC was asked "Is there any one vote you would want back if you could do it over again?"

His response:

My great regret on that is that the whole health care issue could have been handled differently by the adminstration and over here..
Watch the video:


While half way through the answer Sen. Web said he did not regret the vote, I think it is interesting that the health care vote comes to mind when asked about regrets. Also, it is interesting to note that Sen. Webb was concerned about how it was handle, "that there wasn't clear set of principals" and "conflicting information".   He admits to voting for the bill so we could "move forward".

Thankfully, Sen Webb decided to vacate his Senate seat. 

George Allen is the only senate candidate running that has stated he would vote to repeal health care. So in a way, Virginia will get to have a "do over" on health care reform.

“Throughout our conversation, it was clear that skyrocketing health care costs and the overreaching, big-government mandates from the government health care law are creating only one certainty: Washington is not working for them.  That’s why I want to repeal the health care law and give Virginians the freedom to choose affordable, portable, and personal market-based health care solutions.   Options include Health Savings Accounts, allowing small businesses to join together across State lines in larger risk pools for lower insurance costs and  allowing the State flexibility to manage Medicaid more smartly and efficiently.  I want to be Virginians’ voice in the U.S. Senate for less government and more Freedom for women and men to create their own success.”


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