Tuesday, July 31, 2012

UPDATE: More On Possible Voter Fraud

A week ago we posted about VoterParticipation.org database discrepancies that sent pre-filled voter registration forms to pets and deceased people. This week we have an update to that story, plus this bit of breaking news.  

A U.S. District Court Judge in Washington, D.C. has confirmed that, contrary to everything we were told, Obama administration officials at the highest levels did in fact directly interfere with and shut down the criminal prosecution of armed Black Panthers who showed up at a voting station.  You can watch the video here, to refresh your memory.

Now this, was interesting photo that was tweeted on Saturday, by a friend of Richmond Patrtiots, looks like Organizing For America is offering to help ex-felon's vote?

Photo tweeted by @marchimb on 7/28/12
According to the tweet this photo was taken at the Charlottesville, VA Farmer's Market.

Now, for the update on last weeks post about the VPC, the Richmond Times dispatch did a follow up piece which reported that the voter group has a history of problems including:

 In North Carolina, ahead of the 2008 Democratic presidential primary, the group was responsible for automated calls to residents — many of whom were already registered — telling them to expect registration packets in the mail. The problem? The registration period for the primary already had closed.

The organization, then known as "Women's Voices. Women Vote," ultimately agreed to pay a $100,000 civil penalty to the state and refrain from political activity in North Carolina through the general election
In Louisiana, forms sent by the group in 2008 — with many going to already-registered voters — lacked information the state required, according to news reports. When residents filled them out anyway and sent them in, registrars were forced to send out new forms requesting the additional information.
 This year, Louisiana is experiencing problems similar to Virginia's, prompting Secretary of State Tom Schedler to comment that a recent mailing "opens the door to voter fraud."
 Similar issues in Arizona in 2007 prompted then-Secretary of State Jan Brewer, now the governor, to issue a warning to residents, calling the mailings "deceptive."
Earlier this year in Colorado, the group sent forms lacking a mandatory signature field to thousands of residents. That forced state officials to urge that residents check with local clerks to make sure they were properly registered.
This was just a small sampling of the issues. You can read the entire RTD article HERE

As you can see we had a busy week following the voter fraud cases and the potential for voter fraud.  Bottom line, be on the look out, if you get anything that is third party or just doesn't look right report it to your local voters registra office.

And if you see the OFA table registering voters, can you ask them what a ex-felon has to do to vote.  I am just curious about how they would answer.

Don't forget Aug 1. is Chick-Fil-a Appreciation Day

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