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It's No Big Deal, Dogs and Cats Can't Vote

Orginally posted on Richmond Patriots Blog Forum on 7/24/2012

Yesterday, in the Richmond Times Dispatch they printed this article about pets and deceased persons receiving pre-printed voter registration forms:

Voter-registration forms being mailed to Virginia residents are addressed to dead relatives, children, family members in other states, non-U.S. citizens, people with similar names, existing registered voters and residents' cats and dogs. The errant forms are among tens of thousands being distributed in Virginia by a national voter-registration group that pre-populates the documents with key information, including names and addresses of prospective voters

We have all hear the complaints of dead people or people in prison voting, but the pets is a new one for me. I guess it was just a matter of time. According to the RTD article the Voter Participation Center, the group responsible for the mailings targets Democrat-leaning voting blocks such as young adults, unmarried women, African-Americans and Latinos. The center calls these voting groups the "Rising American Electorate."

 So I went to their website to check it out and found they had posted a responseto the RTD article. It was very telling:

The Voter Participation Center (VPC) only focus on the "Americans excited by the once every-four-year election... And that’s an opportunity we’ve seized" But their mission, or motto is, Driving Population Growth, Significantly Under-registered and Underrepresented in Electorate, Hurt by New Voting Rules and Restrictions.
Here is an excerpt from the VPC response:
 The latest story in The Richmond Times Dispatch is a perfect example of the disservice these kinds of story do to civic engagement efforts like ours designed to make it more convenient for unregistered Virginians to vote. The article gives some a platform to raise the specter of “voter fraud.” The assertion made in the story that mailings of voter registration applications “can create opportunities for voter fraud” is just wrong.
 and to prove it:

The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University has studied voter fraud issues for years and they have concluded that “by any measure, voter fraud is extraordinarily rare.” The fact is that a dog receives a voter registration application, a credit card application, or a magazine subscription appeal in the mail doesn’t mean fraud is the intent – it simply means there’s a mistake in the mailing list.
and just in case we are still to smart to take them at their word, here is a PSA-type video to help us.

See, now if you can't trust a dog and cat when they say they won't vote. Who can you trust?

 The bottom line is that VPC is saying that it is only a minimal amount erroneous forms that were mailed. But the reality, "It is clear that hundreds, if not thousands, of applications were delivered to those ineligible to vote," Donald L. Palmer, secretary of the Virginia Board of Elections, wrote this month in a letter to the organization. Well, I think this registrar says it best:

 "I don't know what this center is, and maybe they think they're doing a good thing," said Chesterfield County Registrar Lawrence C. Haake II, whose office received 30 more of the forms last week. "But they're not."

Romney Campaign Ask VA Attorney Genernal to investigate possible voter fraud

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