Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Iowa Caucus

There will be many twists before the Iowa Caucus on Monday night. The Bachmann campaign claims that their former Iowa State Chair was paid by Ron Paul's campaign to switch allegiance AND a political action committee which had planned to support Bachman has defected to Romney.
Romney describes healthcare as a conservative principle. Rick Santorum turns on Ron Paul and the Republicans are asking if the Democrats are using Paul to create primary election chaos.

Redstate: posted the statement from the IA-GOP which explains what will happen during the Iowa Caucus

All caucus participants arrive at their precincts where they will sign in at the door upon arrival. Caucuses will begin at 7:00PM CT.

The caucus meetings begin with the pledge of allegiance. A caucus chair and secretary will be elected by the body to run the meeting and take notes.

After the chair and secretary are elected, candidate representatives from each campaign are given time to speak on behalf of their candidate.

Once the speakers have finished, sheets of paper are be passed out to every registered Iowa Republican from the precinct. Voters then write down their candidate preference.

All votes are then collected.

Every vote is counted. The caucus chair and secretary will count the votes in front of the caucus and a representative from each campaign is allowed to observe the counting of the votes. The results are recorded on an official form provided by the Republican Party of Iowa and are announced to the caucus.

A caucus reporter is chosen to report the results to the Republican Party of Iowa, accompanied by campaign representatives to verify the results reported to Iowa GOP officials.

RPI officials do not count results; they aggregate them from around the state and report them to the media. To ensure consistency in reporting, campaign representatives have the opportunity to be present with RPI officials as votes are reported to the public.

We will be reporting the votes for Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Buddy Roemer, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, “No Preference,” and “Other.”

“No Preference” votes include those who vote “present,” “no preference, “uncommitted,” or “none of the above.”

Within fourteen days of the caucus, certified results will be released for a complete breakdown of all caucus votes that were cast by precinct.

After the Presidential preference poll is completed the caucus will elect precinct committee representatives; delegates, alternates, and junior delegates to the county convention; and discuss and submit platform resolutions for consideration at the county convention.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

A Bridge Back To George Allen

“The bridge back to me supporting Radkte has been burned, blown up and nuked to the stone age. I would vote for her in a primary if she was the only candidate against Allen, but that is how much I loathe an Allen candidacy.”
~ Chip Tarbutton comment on Sara for America blog

It is comments like this that has prompted me to write this post. Actually, I have been mulling this over for sometime, I am “pick your battles” type person, but decide it was time to talk. Here is another comment I received in an email from someone who says they are a patriot and a staunch support of Jamie Radtke.

“[George Allen] voted for new entitlement programs and sat by as spending increased $16,000.00 per second for the six years he served.”

Oddly enough the very next day, after I received this email, the DSCC (Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee) was tweeting this exact statistic. Do you REALLY think they are attacking George Allen for spending too much?... more like it was too little.

And then there is constant proclamation, “I don’t understand how a patriot can support George Allen?” and then the name calling of “republican lap dog”. It is o.k. everyone is entitled to their opinion and I can take some name calling. I will probably have a few lobbed at me after this post.

My question is, Why would strong conservatives put out clever sound bite statistic that is touted by the liberal democrat and our ultimate opponent in a general election. I would ask, have you taken the time to figure the “per second” rate of debt that Tim Kaine left in Virginia. It seems to me as a conservative and a patriot that would have made better use on my time. Or if you did not figure that statistic then where did you get it, from Tim Kaine, or worst Radtke’s campaign.

Let me start with the fact the U.S. Senate is not an elected office you want a newbie politician, someone who has never held office. With the exception of Jim Webb, who DID have an extensive career in public service and money, it is usually former Governors who run for, and win the Virginia U.S. Senate. The reason they are intimately familiar with Virginia and Virginia law. As most patriots know the Senate is where our founding fathers intended for the more experienced politician to give a voice to the states. It would be easy for someone who does not have this first hand knowledge to get easily manipulated into supporting something that may seem constitutional or the “right” thing to do in theory, but not good for Virginia at all. None of the other candidates in the republican primary, that I am aware of, had held elected office, but many are claiming “constitutional conservatives”. It is a nice claim to make and it sounds good in speeches, but they have no record or resume’ to back it up.

Last spring when the candidates were starting to make the rounds this article in the American Spectator stated:

[George Allen] is no Mike Castle or Charlie Crist. Instead he's the governor who reformed welfare and abolished parole, the senator who voted for tax cuts and promoted conservative judges (including, as he is quick to point out, Henry Hudson, the Virginia jurist who ruled against Obamacare). Allen's campaign pitch is filled with references to balanced budgets and the line-item veto, and he is particularly sharp on energy policy. George Allen's sins against conservatism were ones widely committed by George W. Bush-era Republicans.

At the end of the article, James Antle ask:

So could the 2006 winner of the Conservative Political Action Conference presidential straw poll now be considered too moderate to nominate for the U.S. Senate? It's difficult to see that happening, and Allen is working hard to make sure it doesn't.

Whoa, wait a minute; George Allen won the 2006 CPAC Straw poll for Presidential Candidate in 2008 a full 2 points over John McCain. I would have gladly race to the polls to vote for Allen over McCain any election day. I would also like to add, this happened at the end of Senator Allen’s first term. So conservatives “loathed” Allen so much they wanted him to be president.

George Allen can defend his record against Tim Kaine, but the other republican primary candidates are actually helping Tim Kaine. At this stage in the game, if there was a serious republican primary challenger they would be polling neck and neck with Allen, both in the polls and in fundraising. It is just not happening.

While I did not agree with the timing of the recent senate debate hosted by the A.P. Yes, they should have waited until after the primary. I am not really surprised by it. This thought, from my cynical side, crossed my mind: We all suspect that main stream media of liberal biased, right? Well, what if the timing of the A.P. debate was done on purpose. What do I mean by that? I mean, they knew that the tea party activist who supported the “anti-Allen” candidates would cry fowl and make waves about it. And that is exactly what happened. But the truth is the A.P. knows what most politicos know that is to be a serious contender in this race at this point you need at least here: To get an invite candidates must have averaged at least 15 percent in published polls and raised at least 20 percent of the amount of money raised by their party's front runner. This was the requirement to be involved in the debate. That is a pretty low bar and none of the other candidates from the republican side or the democrat side were able to meet that. But you did not hear the democrats crying fowl or attacking Tim Kaine, if they did the media sure did not cover it.

This leads me to my last point, for those who where truly dissatisfied with Allen’s performance as Senator, you have had 6 years to find a primary challenger that was up for the task. Many tea party people were involved with their local republican committees long before the tea party. Who did you have in mind to run against Jim Webb had he not retired? Well that question may have already been answered. My support for Allen is because he can and will do a good job representing me and the state of Virginia in the U.S. Senate. And YES! I am a patriot.