Thursday, September 8, 2011

George Allen Address Tea Party Rally in Roanoke, VA

The Tea Party Express rolled through Virginia today which GOP U.S. Senate Candidate George Allen had a chance to address the Crowd.

Currently there are 5 candidates trying to get the Republican Nomination, however Allen enjoys a solid lead in the polls and he has the support of many in the tea party movement.

We cannot allow Tim Kaine and his liberal allies to continue this massive expansion of the federal government. It’s time to take our country back from the big-spending Washington liberals ruining our economy and attacking our freedom.

George Allen understands that power belongs with “We the People.” He will fight to restrain this over-reaching federal government and preserve the individual freedoms and rights that our Founders envisioned. George Allen has a proven track record of fostering a pro-growth environment for job creation and implementing bold reforms needed to ensure the government serves us, not the other way around.

The elections in 2012 will mark a pivotal turning point for our nation. We need to elect George Allen to the U.S. Senate to help save America from failed, big-government policies that are diminishing the promise of the American Dream for ours and future generations. George Allen is a true conservative leader who shares our core principles. We know he will fight for our Virginia values and we are proud to fight with him.

Please join us and add your name to the list of Tea Party Patriots for George Allen.
Just add you name in the comment section and we will add your the list.

Billy Altizer, Diane Altizer, Stan Young, Dallas Sparks, Dori Sparks, T. Shea Cook,
Mickey Vance, Laura Alcorn, Michelle Stanley, Tamara Phipps, Matt Schmitt, Charles Johnson, Lauren Vargas, Susan Jones, Joann Abbott, Daniel Cortez, Laurel Guy, Kristin Gladstone Thomas, Ann Yarbrough, Dr. Susan Hardwicke, Randy White, Tony Hall, Buddy Whitecotton, Barbara Whitecotton, John Cox, James Wolfe, Margo McCaul, Bill Poole, Tana Bernard, Greg Mc Andrew, Mark Douglas Lepore, Daivd Light, Bradley Trimble, Sarah Wiggins Kings, Cheryl Thompson Griggs

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