Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Debt Bill: What Did You Expect?

Brian Kirwin at says it all:

Democrats control the White House. Democrats control the Senate. To the Monday Morning quarterbacks who all have better plans than the one passing Congress this week I say “What did you expect?”

We only control one-third of the process, and guess what? Virginia is responsible for that. Virginia voted for Senator Jim Webb, Senator Mark Warner and President Obama.

Debt ceiling increases usually pass with hardly a whisper. This one almost had international markets quaking at the thought of an American default, because our debt is at such a high level. That we extracted any concessions at all is a miracle.

The projected cuts are only cuts in increases, but that they are in there at all with Democrats holding 67% of the say is amazing to me. Couple that with “no tax increase” and this agreement is a huge win for House Republicans.

Did anyone really think the government would let itself default? Despite the enthusiasm of those who would cheer that, NO….N-O, no elected official would let that happen and expect to be re-elected. A debt ceiling increase was going to pass.

The real issue is that the Senate hasn’t passed a budget this year or last year. The budget is where you can truly cut spending, and the Democrats won’t even produce one. That’s the big issue we are forgetting in the heat of a debt ceiling summer.

One more thing….

If you think there should be more sanity in the federal budget, STOP ELECTING DEMOCRATS!

Stop telling me that Mark Warner is really effective or Jim Webb is really conservative for a Democrat. The bottom line is, when it’s time to stop talking and start voting, they vote how their Democrat leader tells them to vote. They vote the same as Al Franken!

So you didn’t like Jim Gilmore and John McCain. You cackled about Sarah Palin. You did nothing but complain about your own side during their elections while the Democrats and the media piled on.

And now you aren’t happy with what Warner, Webb and Obama gave you?

What did you expect?


We didn't get in this mess overnight and we will not fix this mess overnight. It will take several election cycles. 2010 was just the first wave. 2012 is the second wave. Get involved in politics, vote out Obama, don't let Tim Kaine win.

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