Monday, March 14, 2011

Why not blame Bush, too: Tea Party Anger Seems Misplaced

Wasn't it the Obama/Pelosi/Reid $787 Billion Dollar economic "stimulus package" in Feb 2009 that started the whole tea party movement? Remember the infamous rant on CNBC. So it was a little perplexing to read the article in RTD "Virginia Tea Party "disappointed" with Cantor".

It's perplexing because apparently, tea party activist claim House Majority Leader Cantor is not cutting "enough" spending.

"We are extremely disappointed in Eric Cantor, but not surprised," Mark K. Lloyd, chairman of the federation, said in a news release. "The will of the American people was pretty clear in November — cut, cut, cut spending. Apparently, Eric Cantor's 'conversion' to fiscal restraint was only temporary."

"Anger and dissatisfaction with [Cantor] is very high in the Virginia Tea Party movement."

"It's hard for us to understand why there's a vote against any amendment. We want to see a yes vote on all cuts," said Susan Lascolette, a Goochland County resident with the Richmond Tea Party. "To us, it seems like a no-brainer. Why would you not vote for that?"

Lascolette said the House leadership, including Cantor, is on the right track, but "we want to poke them and keep them moving."

The House Republicans did however pass the "single largest spending cut in modern history" according to Cantor spokesperson Megan Whittemore, but it was rejected by the Democrat controlled Senate. As I recall, Virginia's two senators are democrats and it is not uncommon for tea party activist to protest outside their local offices. In fact here is a picture of me outside Senator Warner's office 2009:

Maybe I missed the memo that called for protest outside of Senator Webb and Warner's office demanding they vote for house bill (HR 1) that calls for $61 billion dollars in spending cuts. Last week, Senator Warner admitted we have a debt problem, so it might not be that hard to refocus and start blaming Senator Warner who's website stated:

Senator Warner will vote against the House spending proposal because it is short-sighted and could harm the country’s economic competitiveness.

To me that is the no-brainer, the democrats in the Senate are blocking the House Budget cuts, let's place the blame were it belongs.


  1. Actually, it was the Bush bank bailouts that really got the Tea Party ball rolling, but good try.

    As for the "spending cuts" that the GOP passed knowing that they would never make it through the Senate, did you see the independent analysis that said the cuts would eliminate 700,000 jobs?

    Here's the link if you don't remember:

    Cuts to the federal budget don't just come out of thin air, they affect real people and real jobs. Which is more important at this moment of our nation's history: the deficit or jobs? There is one right answer and it is not the deficit.

  2. Well, TARP was also a catalyst for the Tea Party, but most people remember and refer to the Stimulus Package and the CNBC rant.

    As for the jobs, I don't want anyone to lose their job, but if the 700,000 jobs are government or government contractors I don't really have a problem with that. We have to start somewhere, if this was a corporation that was 14 trillion dollars in debt, don't you think they would cut jobs.