Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sen. Warner Admits We Have A Debt Problem

Recently, Senator Warner, speaking to the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, made the following statements:

"If we put this off, we are approaching financial Armageddon .... We don't need another study, we need to start."

"Every dollar we spend right now, we have to go into the international markets and borrow 40 cents on that dollar,"

Senator Warner (VA-D) and Senator Chambliss (GA-R) have been working "under the radar" since December on a plan to tackle the debt by cutting it $4 trillion dollars over the next 10 years. An outline of the plan includes reducing taxes, simplifying tax code and insuring solvency of social security.

Yet, I have to question how serious is Senator Warner. He has voted AGAINST the house spending proposal stating that they were "short-sighted" and would harm "our country's competitiveness".

In this floor speech, Sen Warner made references to the dis-proportionate number of federal employees and private contractor in "his state" and that temporary two-week budgets don't create a stable environment.

Well, I agree, but Sen Warner seems to be forgetting the House Budget proposals are not long term. At this point they are merely trying to fund the federal budget for the next 6 months. So, Senator Warner help us stop the bleeding and vote for the house proposals. In the meantime, we wait eager for your comprehensive $4 Trillion dollar plan.

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