Thursday, March 10, 2011

Melvin Bledsoe, Father of "Home Grown Terrorist" Testifies Today

Rep. Peter King (R-NY), chairman of the Homeland Security Committee opened hearings today on Islamic radicalization in the U.S. The hearing has re-ignited a national debate over how to combat homegrown terrorism. The Obama administration is trying to frame the debate around radicalization in general, without singling out Muslims. Rep. King, the New York Republican who called the hearing, said that's just political correctness, since al-Qaida is the main threat to the U.S. Rep. King opened the hearing with this statement:

"Homegrown radicalization is part of al-Qaida's strategy to continue attacking the United States."

Melvin Bledsoe, whose son Carlos converted to Islam while away at college and is charged with killing an Army private at a recruiting station in Little Rock, Ark., testified about his son's conversion and his isolation from his family. In his prepared statement he claims:

"Carlos was captured by people best described as hunters. He was manipulated and lied to," he blames "the Islamic radicals who programmed and trained my son Carlos to kill."

"I have other family members who are Muslims, and they are modern, peaceful, law abiding people," Bledsoe's remarks say.

Here is Bledsoe explaining the changes in his son in an interview on Fox News.

This is happening right here in America. We applaud Rep. King for taking on this issues and look forward to the action that will come out of these hearings. If you want to learn more and stay informed, join our Richmond Patriots Stop Sharia Law Group

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