Tuesday, March 1, 2011

AWOL WI Dems Have Incentive to Stay Away

The 14 Democrats that fled WI on February 17th ?? to deny a quorum are also helping the Democrat Party to fundraise. According to American Spectator:

Former Vermont Governor and Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, a one-time presidential candidate, is the founder of a group that by mid-day of President's Day had raised over $100,000 in a slush fund to "back" the on-the-lam Wisconsin Democratic State Senators.
The Dean Dollars are being specifically funneled to the Wisconsin State Senate Democratic Committee (SSDC) -- an apparent violation of Wisconsin election law that pointedly says, according to the Wisconsin Election Board's Legal Counsel in a 2005 decision, that the "SSDC may not accept a contribution of more than $6,000 from a single committee in a calendar year." (Note: the Election Board is now called the "Wisconsin Government Accountability Board.")
The money, requested in an e-mail obtained over the weekend by The American Spectator, is being solicited in $14 dollar contributions through the Dean-founded million-member "Democracy for America" grassroots organizing group chaired by Dean's brother Jim.
USA Today has also reported:
Nearly $279,000 has been raised for the Wisconsin Democratic Committee via ActBlue, a political action committee that supports Democrats and acts as a clearinghouse for donations. The contributions from more than 10,000 donors go to Democratic groups and ActBlue acts as a conduit.
The fundraising began after President Obama criticized Walker, a Republican, for trying to strip public workers of their collective bargaining rights.
The financial incentive NOT to return to Wisconsin is more beneficial to their campaign efforts than returning to actually do their jobs.

On Monday, Feb 28th, Gov. Walker issues a 24 hour deadline in an attempt to get the WI Senate Democrats home. He stated that the state will miss a deadline to restructure the debt costing Wisconsin taxpayers $165 million dollars. So far, no indication that they will return, so let's say ..... $165,000,000 divided 14 ways works out to just over $14.78 million per AWOL state Senator, send them the bill.

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