Friday, February 11, 2011

Growing Pains of the Tea Party

There was an interesting article in Washington Posts blog by Peter Guluszka, "Virginia Tea Parties need to grow up". His article brings up some interesting points and some things I have pondered myself.

Like this:

The well-organized party movement was riding a wave in the run-up to the midterm elections in November. It was taking on politicians of both stripes for what participants saw as overspending and overreaching by the federal government. On their scopes were health-care reform, the TARP bank bailout, changes in various amendments to give "the people" more power and a range of other things from the right to pack heat in bars and to defy conventional teaching in public schools.

Virginia's emerging Tea Party leader is Jamie Radtke, a former political aide and William & Mary graduate who spent a number of years as a housewife. So smashing was her political initiation that she's running for U.S. Senate.

But the hard facts are that the General Assembly session is half over, and the Virginia Tea Partiers haven't made much of a difference.


....Fact is, the average shad- and Brunswick-stew-eating Virginia politician likes the road-spending package. It will create some jobs and give commuters stuck in traffic something better to imagine.

Otherwise, the Tea Party people are showing they have a lot to learn. They didn't have much to do with McDonnell's plan to privatize ABC stores, which has gone down in flames. They don't like a plan to have business pay insurance for families with autistic children.

And, at times, the Tea Party people have displayed themselves at being a little out of their league. Radtke gave a speech blaming the Federal Reserve for hikes in global commodity prices, such as corn, wheat, sugar and gasoline. Once again, she was playing up the notion of those bogeymen in Washington gleefully causing all of our problems.

..... there are a lot of reasons for the global price hikes and not many of them have to do with Fed machinations.

and finally Guluzka last point, I am in total agreement with:

This isn't to say that the Tea Party movement is dead. It just needs time to grow up.

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