Saturday, February 5, 2011

George Allen credits Reagan "as man who drew me to public office"

Tomorrow, February 6th is not only Super Bowl Sunday will mark the anniversary of President Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday. Conservatives everywhere have been taking time to remember and pay tribute to one of the great Presidents of our life time. This includes Former Gov. and Senator George Allen, who recently announced that he was indeed going to be running for the U.S. Senate.

In his weekly update Allen noted: "the man who drew me to public service: President Ronald Wilson Reagan." . Allen had an opportunity to meet Reagan when he was Governor of California. Reagan would visit practices session of the L.A. Rams, when Allen's dad was the coach, it was there that Allen recognized Reagan for his sound beliefs and principals:

As I grew older, I understood better the principles that he stood for, the faith in America's greatness and the belief in the freedom of people to live their lives and prosper. At Governor Reagan's request, I was proud to serve as Chairman of Young Virginians for Reagan during his first run for the presidency in 1976.

Just over thirty years ago, newly sworn in President Reagan identified that the high unemployment, human misery, high taxes and high debt had to be turned around. He proclaimed 'we are going to begin to act, beginning today.' We should adhere to Reagan's words and philosophy today as we face similar difficulties. He knew that to unleash America's potential, people must be unburdened by government interference, unrestricted by onerous taxes and obstacles to innovation and creativity, and unobstructed by incentive-sapping laws and regulation

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