Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chuck Smith wants to FIRE Nancy Pelosi

Last night, as part of the Fire Pelosi Bus Tour, Chairman of the RNC Micheal Steele made a campaign appearance in support of Chuck Smith, the Republican nominee for VA third congressional district (VA-03). The event held at the Historic Henrico Theater was packed and the enthusiasm was electric. Fresh off the tea party shake up in Delaware, Chairman Steele right off the bat in his address professed:
"The Republican National Committee stands firmly with our nominees, who are carrying the standards for us to fight for the freedoms and liberties that are guarantee by the little document call the constitution..."

In order to fire Speaker Pelosi, the Republican's must achieve a majority in the House of Representatives this November. So, not only do we need to fire Pelosi, we need to fire the 6 term democrat that has held the 3rd congressional district seat for far to long. Who has voted for lock step with the Obama Adminstration agenda, including the massive debt producing stimulus bill and the Health Care Reform Law.

Chuck Smith is a conservative and we must elected him as our VA-03 representative, this would be one seat of 40 seats needed to achieve a Republican Majority and to slow down the train of progressives . Here are his remarks that the event:

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