Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What to do about earmarks?

This passed March we blogged about the convenient way the republicans were calling attention to the over spending in Washington by putting a moratorium on earmarks. In an interview out today with Politico, Rep Eric Cantor (R VA-07) made a remark that the self en-posed earmark moratorium maybe "rolled back" if a republican majority is obtained in the house.

House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) said a House GOP majority will focus on aggressive oversight of the Obama administration, will work to defund the agencies responsible for implementing health care and will push a “zero tolerance” ethics policy. He also said Republicans may roll back their ban on earmarks, as long as the spending items have “merit.”

Believe me, as a VA-07 constituent, that last sentence made me cringe a little. The YouCut program was such a hit, but now the possibility of "roll back" on earmarks with "merit." Erick Erickson said it best on Redstate:

Earmarks were used to bribe Republicans to support the prescription drug benefit and TARP. Earmarks were used to bribe Democrats to support Obamacare. Earmarks are a drug and the GOP, to absolve itself of its own sins, publicly declared that House Republicans would give up the very corrupting practice.

This practice has to stop. PERIOD! As a grass root activist in (VA-07) I'm contacting Rep. Cantor's office and requesting that he and the GOP Leadership come out against the practice of earmarking. I would encourage every voting citizens no matter who your representative is to do the same.

I would also, like to call attention Rep. Jason Chaffetz (UT-03) who did take a stand and made a pledge to "not ask for an earmark until the process was open, transparent and reformed." Rep. Chaffetz now is the highest congressmen (-A) at

We must keep the pressure on Republican and Democrats in this new age of accountability.

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