Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why are some Tea Party groups still debating?

I received an email yesterday from Hampton Roads Tea Party and I am quite confused by it. I understand that it is disappointing when your endorsed candidate, Ben Loyola, loses the primary. But are they saying they are going to work for a 3rd party, when third parties have a history of splitting the vote benefiting only liberal candidates. I agree with the statement that "debate is not disunity", but there is a time for debate and a time for coming together for a common goal. I thought the goal was to defeat the liberal agenda being rammed through congress.

Here is the email with my comments:

Karen (HRTP Chair) Here-
Something to remember:
Debate is not disunity. The political parties do not allow debate. They call it infighting. We’re not a political party, we are a movement of Liberty. Legitimate debate, similar to what takes place here, and on our HR Tea Party Tea Talk forum is important to BUILD unity. Our Founding Fathers debated everything! Principled people tend to vote principleover power. The left coalesces around power. It’s why the left wins more elections. They are willing to get into power over everything.

The time to debate within the party was during the primary, now we need to come together for the common goal of getting a republican majority in the house in order to get Speaker Pelosi out of power. The reason the left wins is because they understand strategy and "coalesce" behind the people who are most likely to win.

As voters, we are also consumers. Some people are so angry w/GOP games, and GOP unresponsiveness to our current situation, that they want to “punish” the GOP.Do we not have a right to take our business elsewhere if we are dissatisfied? Are we obligated to the GOP no matter what? How many plugged nose votes must we endure? Do we not apply the free market principles we espouse to elections as well as to the economy? Voting the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. If we give the GOP our vote now, what will they guarantee us to EARN that vote.

The GOP is not unresponsive; they DO NOT have a majority. They can’t do anything and they can’t stop anything in this administration. Have they made some bad decision in the passed with bad votes, yes. But we are in an unprecedented time in history, we must stop the progressive agenda and to do so we need a republican majority.

Remember, we – the Tea Party movement - are a powerful voting bloc. We helped Loyola come up over 14 points in less than 2 weeks,to place second, in a field of 6 candidates, with NO money, and against an entrenched political machine. The GOP needs us. But they want to control us, or as Michael Steele said, “harness the Tea Party energy”.
We are NOT a GOP arm. We will NOT be controlled or allow ourselves to be bullied into submission by the GOP’s recent attacks on HRTP,( and on me in particular), or by the GOP playing on our fears of Obama extremism.

YOU HAVE LEVERAGE NOW!!! Once elected, these candidates don’t need you. Get them to commit to certain issues now, and plan to hold their feet to the fire afterward.

Here is the deal, the tea party only decided to help Loyola “less than 2 weeks” before the primary. It takes more than endorsement and robo calls to win elections, it takes boots on the ground campaigning, phone banking, meet n greeting, and GOTV pushes. If you really have leverage, then Ben Loyola would have won.
Rigell reached out to the HRTP board right after the primary. I got a call from him the very next morning. I responded by saying that we’d like to meet as a coalition w/912 First Landing Patriots, Campaign for Liberty, and HRTP. (As a coalition, we probably represent at least 4,000 people in second district alone). Via email, we offered a date and a location. One week later, Rigell’s fully staffed, highly paid consultants,haven’t gotten back to us. We will reach out one more time. We already have one invisible congressman, do we need another one? It’s a fair question.

The New Republic Patriots are having a Town Hall with Rigell on July 28th.
On VA-3- Call Chuck Smith and ask him if he has moved into the 3rd District yet. Get a date for that move. What are his plans to overcome Bobby Scott, and his money and incumbency privileges? How does he address the loss of private property to eminent domain that the poorer income folks have been forced to accept? Quigley,the Libertarian in VA-3 is taking that issue head on.

As long as, Chuck Smith is complying with the law does it really matter. The people in VA 3 will have a choice. Something that has not happened over many election. There are a lot of frustrated conservatives and if we work with Chuck Smith there is a good possibility we can get him elected.

Keep debating!
HRTP Chair

There is a time to debate with in the party and a time to come together. Now is the time to come together and debate the liberal democrats. Not argue about who is the most conservative candidate. We need to get behind the candidate that has the best chance to win, so we can stop Pelosi and the Obama Agenda.

Now don't get me wrong, I am all for starting the debate again on November 3rd (the day after the election), but our short term goal is to STOP the Obama agenda. This is going to be a multiple election takeover and this is just the first election in a long process.

I truly hope that conservatives can come together as concern citizens, focus on a strategy that will put the government back in the hands of the people. If you agree with my comments, please join me on Richmond Patriots website.

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