Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Glenn Beck tops list of "Americans most HATED by the left"

Townhall magazine has put together a list for their July issue of "The 100 Americans the left hates the most". Not surprising, Glenn Beck is on the top of this list.

However, It was a pleasant surprise to see Gov. Bob McDonnell, who came in at no. 47, on the list.

After Virginia voted for President Obama during the 2008 election, it was an uphill battle for GOPers to reclaim the traditionally red state. The efficient and effective campaign of Bob McDonnell beat the odds and rode the wave of political discontent to victory by a huge margin. His gubernatorial victory in Virginia marked the beginning of a conservative political resurgence.

And Virginia's Rep. Eric Cantor (7th) came in at No. 50.

In addition to serving as Virginia’s 7th Congressional District representative, Eric Cantor currently serves as Republican whip. His fi scal discipline and pro-free trade stances have earned him criticism from powerful
unions such as the AFL-CIO.

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