Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Saltwater Fishing is going to be taxed

Isn't it funny how we all have our own "hot button" issues, the issues that makes us stop in our tracks, drop everything and go write a letter to the editor or email every person that we happen to have an email address. Well, today that very scenario played out before my very eyes. My wonderful husband who is a VERY busy professional, just happened to read a letter to the editor in the local paper, Mechanicsville Local. He STOPPED everything and researched the issue, then emailed the following to all of his fishing friends. So to help spread the word and to illustrate how letters to the editor do work, I am turning the blog over to him today.

Thank you, Sweatheart for your passion!

Check this out. Yet another way our Federal Gov't is working through oh so many channels (some not so obvious) to get more of your money, gather your personal information (for who knows what purpose) and trample over more and more of your freedoms!

National Saltwater Angler Registry
A new federal law requires most saltwater fishermen to sign up with the National Saltwater Angler Registry.
The National Saltwater Angler Registry is a new tool to help better count fishermen and their catch. Become part of a network of fishermen helping to conserve our oceans and ensure the future of recreational fishing. By registering, you help NOAA make your catch count.

Had anyone heard of this? It's already LAW!! It is just now going into effect this year but was part of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Management and Conservation Act of 2006.

- If you fish in federal waters (basically THE OCEAN and all waterways connected directly to the ocean) you must register
- It is in addition to any other license required
- It is free this year but starting next year will cost up to $25 and you must pay each year
- If you are caught fishing without out it you will be fined
- There is no actual purpose for the money collected except ( to offset the cost of admin of the registry) It will go directly into the Federal treasury!!
- Fuzzy as to WHY this is being done "data collection system to protect the nations ocean resources" Looks like they want contact info so they can call anglers at random to ask them questions about their fishing and what they have caught??? Wonder what else it can and will be used for??? Wonder if there is also a fine if you refuse to answer their questions when they call to invade your privacy around supper time?!!!

Not only is this just another TAX but also an end run around states rights ----Not all anglers in all coastal states are required to register because some states are already providing NOAA with their anglers personal info as part of their own regulatory licensing systems. Virginia and a few other states do not! So not only ARE WE being forced to participate but starting next year are picking up the check!!!

see the details "as described by NOAA"

John Stanley

P.S. Non-US Citizen are exempted

And an excellent excuse to post another picture of the monster fish I caught this spring...

WHAT?? You would have done the same thing.

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