Friday, April 16, 2010

Tax Day Tea Party round 2

Yesterday, all around the country and in Washington DC, patriots celebrated the 2nd annual Tax Day Tea Parties. Here in Richmond there was a well attended event downtown under the shadow of the Federal Reserve building.

As the first year wraps up for the tea party movement, what is next? We have mid-term congressional elections and I am happy to report there are many candidates in Virginia stepping up to challenge incumbents, especially incumbents that don't support limited government and free market strategies. So here is your next course of action:

1. You need to find out if your district is having primary election or a convention to determine which candidate will get the nomination. In Virginia you can start at the Republican Party of Viginia's website

2. Talk to the candidates, find out who is most in line with your views and then help them. Get involved in their campaign, tell a friend or help get out the vote on primary day or become a delegate at the convention. (sometimes it is as simple as showing up to the meeting)

We will be providing more information on the political process in future posts, but for now if you want to learn how to become a political activist, I am pleased to announce that American Majority Mechanics have been "unleashed" and are ready to educate and equip the next generation of grass root political activist. In Virginia, I am the your local Mechanic trainer and I am very excited to be involved with American Majority. There is a training scheduled in May for Central VA.

BTW: The reason for the title of "Mechanic".

In the days before the Revolutionary War, Paul Revere organized the Mechanics, a group of determined patriots that grew out of the Sons of Liberty. The group established an intelligence network that monitored the actions of the British army in Boston, and then sent news of the movements to patriot leaders. It was the Mechanics who discovered that British troops were planning to march on Lexington and Concord on the evening of April 18, 1775, which led to Revere’s famous midnight ride to warn Samuel Adams, John Hancock and other colonists that the British were coming.

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