Thursday, March 4, 2010

URGENT ACTION ALERT: Griffith is Stalling #va #hb69 #rva912

From Donna Holt, Va State Director Campaign for Liberty:

Dear Friends of Liberty,

Morgan Griffith claims he cannot substitute the language of SB501 with the language of HB69 saying "it is not germane".

Don't be fooled! It is germane if the Speaker says it is.

Both bills deal with the same Code of Virginia and are about firearms.

What else does he need for it to be germane?

Contact Speaker Bill Howell and Delegate Morgan Griffith NOW and tell them it is the will of the people that is at stake and we won't settle for excuses to not do what's right. 

Senator Marsh has set up HB69 to die in his subcommittee which is against Senate rules. The bill deserves to be fully vetted and if the Senate won't do it, it's the obligation of the House to get the bill that they passed with a bi-partisan vote of 70 - 29 on the floor for a vote even if it means it has to be a concurrence vote.

Jamie Radtke sent an excellent letter to serve as an example for a suggested script.  Here is an edited (for the coalition) version of the letter:

Dear Speaker Howell and Delegate Morgan,

As you know, Henry Marsh has decided to kill all gun bills in his subcommittee against senate rules. It has been determined that the only way to resurrect HB69, Firearm Freedom Act, is to offer it as a substitute to one of the senate bills in the House. The VA 10th Amendment Revolution, consisting of mostly tea party groups,  had only two bills in the General Assembly (HB10, HB69). We will not let this bill go down without a fight and would greatly appreciate your assistance.

We have researched the bills and believe that SB501 is germane. SB501 and HB69 come from the exact same section of the Code 18.2-308 and deal with firearms. I understand that you believe this is not a germane bill. However, I also know this comes down to the ruling of the Speaker.

If I may be so bold, the infamous HB3202 Transportation bill of 2007 was an abomination of a bill that clearly violated the single object rule. It had everything in it from land use, VDOT reform, retroactive abuser fees, establishment of regional transportation authorities and more. It was determined that this bill was acceptable under the single object because it all fell under the umbrella of transportation. What we are dealing with here are two bills that deal with firearms out of the exact same section of the Virginia Code. This is not a stretch at all.

Speaker Howell, we are very grateful that you co-sponsored this bill.

Delegate Griffith, you have expressed a willingness to offer an applicable substitute. This bill is very important to the VA 10th Amendment Revolution. We are looking to you to carry this bill over the victory line.



(Your name)

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