Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sorry, RPV, we are *WAY* passed reading the bill.

The fact of the matter is that the Health Care bill probably be passed this week or next, whether it is the will of the people or not. Pelosi is determined to deliver a bill to President Obama, even if the House has to used the made up rule called the "Slaughter Solution". So what is the Republican Party of Virginia doing to bring awareness to this fact? Enlisting volunteers to read the bill. Really.

RPV Chairman Pat Mullins issued the following statement about this week’s expected vote on the Obama/Pelosi Healthcare Legislation. Here is an excerpt:

"That's why on Wednesday at 8 a.m. folks from all across Virginia will start to read all 2,400 pages of this healthcare takeover bill. Volunteers will read each and every page and will read in 30 minute shifts. Any Virginian who really wants to know what’s in this healthcare bill and learn why it is a bad deal for our state is invited to listen in. We will be streaming the volunteer reading of the bill live on our website at: www.RPV.org/ReadTheBill. We would also encourage Congressmen Nye, Perriello, Connolly, and Boucher to listen themselves and learn why this bill is bad medicine for their constituents.

This is as mind numbing as listening to another Obama speech rallying support for the bill.

HELLO, RPV where on earth have you been? Patriots have been reading the bill since last summer. Any engaged citizens KNOWS what is in the bill. Congressmen Nye, Perriello, Connolly and Boucher are NOT going to be listening in, they also know what is in the bill.

But I am willing to cut the RPV a little slack. I remember last summer when the patriot movement was coming together, each month we would have a group of newly awakened patriots coming up with some creative ways to get our representatives attention. I think at one point there was even talk of a "die in".

So hopefully by now you are getting my point. While our frustration is running high we tend to get in a panic mode and we look for outlets for those frustrations. Reading the bill sounds like a great idea it really is just a distraction and it will not, in the end, change anything.

Speaker Pelosi's problems are with the Democrats, not the Republican. The Democrats have the majority, something they seem to want us to forget. That is why she has to use what Senator Chris Dodd (D) is referring to as "exotic procedural move". Make no mistake they are pulling out all the stops and it will be up to the American people (not the republicans) to clean up this mess.

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