Monday, March 29, 2010

"Just because it's the law, does not mean it is Constitutional"

On the front page of Sunday's RTD was an article "Everyone not falling in line with 2010 census" that featured quotes from Richmond Patriot, Laura Alcorn. Ms. Alcorn said she did return her 2010 Census form with the number of people in her household and their names. But she, also noted "I think they are overreaching in what they're asking. . . . I think it's an invasion of my privacy." So I guess that not filling out all the question is what is meant by "not falling in line."

In the same article, political analyst Larry Sabato stated:

"I think it's more intense than I've seen it before," Sabato said of concerns about the census. "People are deeply skeptical and cynical. I don't think there's any justification for being skeptical or cynical, and it's the law" to provide all information requested for the census.

O.k. so let's concede that it is the law:

Mr. Sabato also noted:

What are they doing? They're driving up the costs of government because the census worker is going to have to come to their home personally to get all the questions answered," he said.

Driving up cost.... REALLY?

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