Monday, February 15, 2010

Obama'a Council of Governors cauces concern

President Obama issued an executive order on January 11, 2009 to establish a Council of Governors. The councils purpose is to "to strengthen further the partnership between the Federal Government and State Governments to protect our Nation against all types of hazards." Here is a great explanation and "dots" connected on why citizens should be concerned.

Just as concerning, is that our Virginia Governor, Bob McDonnell, has agreed to serve on this committee. Chip Tarbutton, President of the Roanoke Tea Party has send Gov. McDonnell the following letter and we urge all concerned citizens to do the same.

Governor McDonnell,

You have agreed to serve on President Obama’s Council of Governors. This Executive Order from the President is troubling and seems to be an attempt by the Federal government to gain even more control over states, in the guise of emergency management.

I voted for you sir, and I believe that you understand that the 10th Amendment is being trampled over by the Federal Government on a daily basis.

I, and the rest of the Roanoke Tea Party, need to understand why you are participating in this Council, given the grave Constitutional issues raised by this Executive Order. Unless, you can provide us with some justification for your participation, we would respectfully ask you to pull out of the Council of Governors as soon as possible.

We eagerly await your reply.

Chip Tarbutton


Roanoke Tea Party

You can contact Gov. McDonnell's office at 804-786-2211 or you can send him an email

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