Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ken Cuccinelli featured on Big

I was quite pleased this morning to come across this article on about our new Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. It appears that others outside the Commonwealth of Virginia are starting to take notice. Thank goodness!

We *heart* AG Cuccinelli

With the touch issues he is already working on Health Care Reform with the help of the General Assemble (HB 10 and SB 417)and now the EPA Global Warming Petition. My hope is that AG Cuccinelli will lead the way for other states Attorney Generals to stand up to the federal government.

As Christian Josi noted in his article:

Keep an eye on this guy. He means business. And by picking these kinds of necessary fights, he’s certainly going to need backup.

Thank you, Mr Josi, for noticing!

Special note: if you are in VA please contact your Senator and ask them to support HB10 as noted above. There is 2 more weeks in this legislative session and it is important that we pass both HB10 and SB417.

Read more at the Va 10th Amendment blog.

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