Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Could Senator Schumer have "stimulus" buyer's remorse?

It’s been a year now since our “jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs” stimulus bill has been passed and many are wondering if they missed something. We’ve been hearing about “created jobs”, “saved jobs”, “green jobs” and my favorite “shovel ready jobs”. Yet, not one mention of jobs for foreign countries. Apparently there is a loophole, a mis-step if you will, with the legislation as it is written. It does not stipulate that the jobs must remain in the United States. A recent article from the Investigative Reporting Workshop stated this:

The Workshop was the first to report last October that more than 80 percent of the first $1 billion in grants to wind energy companies went to foreign firms. Since then, the administration has stopped making announcements of new grants to wind, solar and geothermal companies, but has handed out another $1 billion, bringing the total given out to $2.1 billion and the total that went to companies based overseas to more than 79 percent.

An Example:

A consortium of Chinese and American companies announced a joint venture Thursday to construct a massive 600-megawatt wind farm in West Texas, using wind turbines manufactured in China.


So while there will be constructions jobs provided for in the U.S. the bulk of the manufacturing will be in China were an estimated 2,000 jobs were created.

Sen. Schumer is not happy and is calling on the Obama administration to block the use of stimulus funds for the utility-scale wind farm in West Texas, has not been successful.

“In all due respect I remind the secretary (of Energy) there is a four-letter word associated with the stimulus -- J-O-B-S,” Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., told ABC News who interviewed him for a report done in coordination with the Workshop’s ongoing investigation. “Very few jobs here, lots of jobs in China. That is not what I intended or any other legislator who voted for the stimulus intended.”

So it seems Sen. Schumer may be having a bit of buyer's remorse. Those of us who were screaming not to pass the stimulus and warned against the wasteful spending. The stimulus packages has lived up the government as usual standard.

One last thought, could this loophole been caught and fixed if someone read the bill? or Was the fact that jobs could go to China not even on the radar? Once you turn on the faucet it is hard to shut if off or control the flow.

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1 comment:

  1. The only time Schumer cares is when it makes him look bad. Like tou said he should have read the BILL!

    It becomes more apparent to even his supporters every day that Schumer and company have absolutly no idea what they are doing!

    It will be interesting what the Slimeball (Schumer) does after November!