Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Richmond Patriot Response to the SOTU Address

After last week State of the Union Address a member of the Richmond Patriots, Andy Richardson posted this to our message board and I wanted to share on the blog:

Perhaps there has been a time in the past when so many words were used with such skill to convey such arrogance, condescension and insult to the American people, but I cannot recall when. It is possible that in the political speeches of the past, an elected official told the American people to their faces that they didn't understand or that they were just too stupid to appreciate the greatness of what was being attempted by the politicians in Washington. Maybe someone has told us that when we express our extreme displeasure at a policy Congress is attempting to implement that their only fault is not explaining it well enough to us.

Possible, but I doubt it.

We expect politicians to tell us what we want to hear - but not when they are blatantly doing the opposite. When we elected President Obama we voted for change.
We saw our country barreling down hill, spending money we didn't have, enacting disastrous policies that hurt business and hinder completion and the government meddling in the private sector to a degree not seen in our lifetimes. These were already happening on a breathtaking scale when Obama took office. We were promised change.

What we got was not merely more of the same - we got an acceleration of the night marish policies that no sane person would have predicted only a year prior.

And now, let us look at the results of these policies.

Unemployment was at 8% before and now, over a trillion dollars of spending later, 10%.
Our debt has risen by trillions of dollars - risen more than it has in the past 3 presidential administrations COMBINED.

The largest tax increase in US history is pending with the Cap and Trade bill - an increase that targets the poor and middle class. Unbelievably, President Obama still seems to be determined to try to ram this Health Care farce down our throats in spite of the massive outcry against it. You, the American people have had enough of the same from Washington, yet, our president has just told you that he does not care - or perhaps he still doesn't understand. Perhaps it is because he has done too much talking and not enough listening.

Our course is clear. We must continue to awaken our friends, our family, our neighbors.
With the full weight of the American people we can turn even this succession of failed policies around and bring our country back to the land of opportunity it once was.

In America the people are now and have always been the answer to our problems.
We the people of the United States HAVE formed a more perfect union, but we must be vigilant or that union will be lost under the tide of socialism that threatens to overwhelm us. Our Founders pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, to preserve what they gave us we must do the same.

We must pledge as Democrats, Republicans and Independents - as Americans, to work together to restore this nation to the place of greatness we know it can be.

I think Andy has capture the essence of the patriot and tea party movement.

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