Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gov. Kaine staff member moving to Organizing For America

While reading a short article on Virgina Politics Blog by Anita Kumar, I was a not really surprised to see that Kaine staff is moving with him to the DNC. However, I was a little shocked that Organizing for America is consider part of the DNC.

As was widely expected, Gov. Tim Kaine's communications director Lynda Tran is making plans to move with him to the Democratic National Committee next week after McDonnell is sworn in.

Tran will serve as national press secretary for Organizing for America, a group that pushes President Obama's agenda.

Or will Tran's job as national press secretary with Organizing for America be in addition to DNC responsibilities.

Is this just me? This one little fact is raising a whole bunch of question in my mind. Is this two jobs or one, will they been done from the same office? Is OFA, in fact, part of the DNC? Who's payroll will pay Tran?

Organizing for America does a little more that just "push" for Presidents Obama's agenda. Do you remember this video that was circulating early last year, AFTER Obama was sworn in as President.

This is the same organization that their web address is my This is a tactic that ACORN seems to use, blurred the lines so you don't know were one organization ends and the other begins. Looks like the DNC could be taking a page from the ACORN playbook.

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  1. I thought everybody knew that OFA was part of the DNC ...