Monday, December 7, 2009

RPV: Not much advancing.

This past weekend in Williamsburg, VA the Republican Party of VA held their Advance conference. The title of the conference “Advance” implied to me that there would be planning and strategizing about the congressional mid-term elections. Unless I missed something that was going on behind close doors there was very little planning. I found this very odd considering there is no lack of candidates.

In the 5th congressional district alone there are 8 candidates that I know of and more keep are popping up daily. There are 3 potential candidates for the 2nd district and at least one in the 9th district. Several of the candidates were there some with tables and information, some had hospitality rooms and some did both. Why weren’t these candidates given more of an opportunity to speak? If the RPV is *really* ready to “take back” the government, that means actually getting principled candidates. It would have been nice to see them in front of a crowd and hear them speak about what they believe. That is just as important as the one on one and you can’t get passion from a flier.

Instead what we got was a lot of back patting and “we worked so hard” this past election. And yes, they probably did work “so hard”. They joked about all the mis-steps of the Deeds campaign, but come on there really was no comparison. McDonnell was the better of the two candidates, but …. dare I say it.. he probably was not the best candidate, he was the chosen candidate for whatever reason. I am sure I’ll never know.

If the RPV is to get qualified candidates elected they need to do more to make the party stronger. They can do this by listening to the community, giving all potential candidates an opportunity to show their passion and qualification, and stop with the “anointed” candidate process.

The last observation I would like to make about the weekend is several people asked me the question, how long have you been working with the Republican Party? Uh, never. To see the blank look on their face when I said Richmond Patriots are a 9-12 group was a wake up call to me. O.k. ladies and gentleman, we have a lot of work to do. There are people in the so-called “conservative” party that are not aware of the 9-12 movement. The Republican Party is still in the mode of politics as usually, but what they fail to see is that we are AWAKE and more people are waking everyday. We are educating people on the issues and we will be holding them accountable no matter who has the majority in the government. And Bob McDonnell, we are expecting you to protect Virginia and we will be holding you accountable.

You can watch the Saturday Night Festivities:

Republican Party of VA 2009 Advance Banquet

Michael Steel speaks around 25:00 mark
Eric Cantors Key Note is around 1:25:00 mark

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