Friday, November 20, 2009

We only need one Democrat.

The first vote on Senate Health Care bill, as it stands now, is schedule for a vote at 8pm Saturday night. This vote is to cloture which is a procedure the Senate uses to put a time limit on debate. In order to end debate and vote on the actural, the Senate is required to get 60 votes. Any votes after that, would only require a simple majority and Health Care Reform in the Senate will pass.

But according to Senator DeMint(R-SC), .... a vote by Democrats to proceed to a debate is a vote on the substance of the bill. Once the Democrats get the first 60 votes, they only need a majority to pass the bill itself. They will then allow vulnerable members of their caucus to vote against the final bill. It is a John Kerry "I voted for the bill before I voted against it" line of BS

So, Virginia, with the landslide elections of the Republican ticket less than a month ago our Senators are vulnerable. Let's continue the pressure, we must call Senator Webb and Senator Warner TODAY!!! Urge them to vote "NO" on Cloture and that you are not fooled by them allowing cloture and then voting no on the Health Care bill. We only need one democrat to stand with us and we will filibuster the Health Care bill.

Senator Warner:
DC Office: 202-224-2023
Or Email HERE

Senator Webb:
DC Office 202-224-4024
Or Email HERE

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