Friday, November 6, 2009

GOP is still the Same Ol' Party

It’s hard not to be euphoric after last Tuesdays victory with the Republican sweep of the State House in VA and NJ defeated an incumbent Democrat Governor. No doubt about it, we needed these victories. The momentum continued into Thursday, as Patriots answered the call of Rep. Michele Bachmann to come to Washington, D.C. to “look representatives in the eyes” to stop the health care bill that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is bring up for a vote this week. Considering that conservatives are not the protesting type, this was quite a feat. In fact, we would probably be hard press to find a time in history when a minority party representative put out a call to the public to assemble on the steps of the capitol and the call was answered in great numbers. So it is safe to say, the energy for the conservative movement is high right now and the Republicans are the beneficiary of this momentum.

However, before the GOP gets to comfy in their new found popularity, I would like to remind them that it is their leadership that got us in this “fix”. As I watched the events unfold on the capitol steps, I heard Minority Leader Boehner mention his 19 years in the congress and could not help but to cringe. That is 9 terms! Leader Boehner has been in the congress long enough to shoulder the blame for the mess the conservative party is in today. Rep. Cantor was lamenting how the American people are tired of the massive spending in Washington, D. C. and yes! The spending is out of control, however it started years ago and did not slow under Republican leadership.

So I would like to take a minute to remind patriots that while we have had a good week, we are still fighting. The GOP is still the same party we were angry with on Nov 2, 2009 (the day before Election Day). These are the same republicans that voted for TARP, the same republicans that voted for AIG bonus to be taxed at 90%, the same Republicans gave NY -23 a progressive candidate who was endorsed by ACORN and the same Republicans that gave us John McCain as a presidential candidate.

The rally at the capitol was a wonderful thing, don’t get me wrong, but let’s put it in perceptive, the GOP is in panic mode. They are in the minority up against a progressive movement that has been building for year. They need us, Patriots, more than we need them right now. The Health Care bill MUST be stopped; however there is still a GREAT possibility that it will pass the house, as soon as tomorrow. What will we do then? Throw another “rally” on the step of the capitol, at the request of the Republicans, no not this Patriot. I will do everything I can to get all the Representatives out of office. We must hold the Republican Party accountable, they are just as guilty.

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  1. .."GOP got us into this fix" Amen. Amen and Amen!