Thursday, October 8, 2009

Spin Doctors for Obamacare

Spin Doctors for Obamacare by Michelle Malkin

Lights, camera, agitprop! The curtains opened on yet another artfully staged performance of Obamacare Theater this week. One hundred and fifty doctors took their places on the plush lawn outside the West Wing. The president approved the scenery: "I am thrilled to have all of you here today, and you look very spiffy in your coats".

White House wardrobe assistants guaranteed the 'spiffy.' As the New York Post's Charles Hurt reported, the physician "were told to bring their white lab coats too make sure that TV cameras captured the image". President Obama's aides hastily handed out costumes to those who came in suits or dresses before the doc-and-pony show began.

Obama's spin doctors belong to a group called Doctors for America (DFA), which reportedly supplied the white lab coats. The White House event was organized in conjunction with DGA and Organizing for Amerca, Obama's campaign outfit.

OFA and DFA are behind a massive new Obamacare ad campaign, letter-writing campaign and doctor-recruitment campaign. The supposedly 'grassroots' nonprofit DFA is a spin-off of Doctors for Obama, a 2008 campaign arm that aggresssively pushed the Democrats' government health care takeover. DFA claims to have thousands of members with a 'variety of backgrounds'. But there's little diversity in their views on socailized medicine (98% want a taxpayer funded public insurance option).

DFA president and co-founder Dr. Vivek Murthy, an internal medicine physician at Brighan and Women's Hospital and an instructor at Harvard Medical School, served as a member of Obama's Health Policy Advisory Committee and the New Engand Steering Committee during the 2008 presidential campaign.

DFA vice president Dr. Alice Chen of Los Angeles is an Obama donor and avowed supporter of Organizing for America, Obama's campaign shop run by the Democratic National Committee. On Monday, she posted on the OFA website with an appeal to Democratic activists for letter to the editor in support of Obama's 'health care reform.'

DFA 'senior advisor' Jacob Hacker is an Obamacare architect who laughed at criticism of the plan beging a Trojan horse or single-payer coverage. "It's not a Trojan horse, right', he retorted at a far-left Tides Foundation conference on health care. "It's just right there! I'm telling you. We're going to get there."

Here's a brief political donation history of other top DFA docs complied by Brian Faughnan at

Dr. Hershey Garner: (who stood on stage with Obama at the White House event) more than $10,000 in donations to Democratic candidates since 2001.
Dr. Winfred Parnell: More than $5,700 in donations to Democrats since 2001.
Dr. Michael Newman: $4,550 in donations to Democrats since 2001.
Dr. Boyd Shook: $3,500 in donations to Democrats since 2002.
Dr. Jan Sarnecki: $3,400 in donations to Democrats since 2004.
Dr. Amanda McKinney: (who also flanked Obama at the White House event) $2,750 in donations to Democratic candidates since 2001.
Dr. Tracy Nelson: $1,500 in donations to Obama.
Dr. Stanton McKenna: $1,000 in donations to Democrats since 2001.
Dr. Jason Schneider: $600 in donations to Democrats since 2001.
Dr. Biron Baker: $500 donated to Obama last year .
Dr. Nick Perencevich: $500 in donations to Democrats since 2008.
Dr. Elaine Bradshaw: $500 in donations to Obama last year.

Who unveiled Doctors for America earlier this spring? No, not the ordinary citizens outside the Beltway. The decidedly un-grassroots sponsors of the Doctors for America launch were Democratic Sen. Max Baucus, chair of the Senate Finance Committee, and the left-wing Center for American Progress, which is run by liberal operative John Podesta and underwritten by far-left billionaire George Soros.

CAP is a leading organization in the Health Care of American Now coalition, the so-called 'grassroots' lobbying group for Obama's health care takeover legislation run out of 1825 K Street in Washington, DC with a $40 million budget. CAP is also the parent group of Think Progress, the far left website leading the smear campaign against fiscally conservative actvists who protested at congressional town halls this summer. And several CAP alumni are now leading the Obamacare push at the Department of Health and Human Services, including special HHS assistant Michael Halle and HHS Director Jeanne Lambrew, a former senior fellow at the Center for American Progress who worked on health policy in the Clinton administration.

CAP/HCAN's most recent initiative? Bussing protesters to the private homes of health care executives last week to bully them over the public option--even as many health care executives line the pockets of Obama admininstration officials and allies lobbying on their behalf.

It's all in keeping with the elaborate Kabuki productions that have marked Tean Obama's effort to manufacture support for government run health care. They've been doctoring it up from Day One.

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