Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Special Deals" in Health Care Bill

Last week, Tim Phillips, President of Americans for Propsperity hosted a teleconference with Representative John Shadegg (R-AZ). Congressman Shadegg's prediction on healthcare is that, "this bill will pass...unless the American people rise up again like they did in August...and say 'NO'".

A central feature of the Baucus bill is the expansion of state Medicaid programs, which, we are told, is necessary to cover more of the nation's uninsured. The federal government will cover only parts of the expansion and stick fiscally strapped states with an additional $37 billion in costs.

Shadegg said, "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, is worried about losing his seat next year, so he worked out a deal by which the federal government will pay all of Nevada's additional Medicaids expenses for the next five years." Under this 'special deal', Oregon, Rhode Island and Michigan also qualify for this perk The reason: these states 'are suffering more than most'.

The other 'special deal that Shadegg spoke about is in the state of New York. They have many union members with 'Cadillac' plans because his state has so many insurance regulations that even skimpy plans are expensive. Senator Chuck Shumer didn't want a lot angry overtaxed New Yorkers, so he made a deal that the threshold for this tax will be higher in their states.

Schadegg, reading from an article in the Wall Street Journal by Kim Staussel, said "Senators Debbie Seabenow and John Kerry included $5 billion in the bill for a reinsurance program designed to defray the medical costs of union members..... Most senators are saving up their special state demands for when the bill hits the Senate floor."

I wonder what special deals Senators Warner and Webb will require for Virginia's vote.

Laura and Michelle


  1. What did Orwell say in Animal Farm--some of the animals were more equal than others?
    This makes me sick!

  2. We need to get the word out on this--I put it on my FB.
    When you refer to "states" (last word, in 3rd to the last paragraph) do you mean "state"--or is it more states than just NY?