Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Reason Behind the Nobel

Among the funny emails I received in the past few days, the best were about Obama winning a Grammy or the Tour de France. I have passed these jokes on, but the underlying question remains about the legitamacy of the Nobel prize given to a President who American does not think deserves it.

Many say that Obama received the recognition becasue of he hated of George W. Bush and the path he chose for America. To them it doesn't make a difference whether Obama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize or if he had done anthing in the 11 days he was in office before being nominated. Obama is just not George. Good enough.

I think the Nobel committee acted with purpose and aim.

According to John Jay of FamilySecurityMatters.org, he wrote:

"Norwegian and Euro-leftists do not act in a manner which is not calculated to advance their own views of the world, not of their own schemes and plans as to how it is to be incluenced and run. This is not stupidity: it is a rather informed self interest-and Barack Obama has done plenty, which in the view of the'international community' as it views itself, e.g. the European Union and the O.I.C. meerits his consideration as a Nobel laureate."

Obama did not get the award because of what he had accomplished by America, but for what he has said about the way he intends to purue international relations and US foreign policy. The Norwegian Nobel Committee championed "the change in global mood wrought by Obama's calls and initiative that have yet to bear fruit: easing Amerian conflicts with Muslim nations."

Obama has said that the US is sensitive to the goals of Islam and while in Turkey, said that we (the US) ,does not consider ourselves a Christian nation. Since the Europeans have chosen to appease Islam as well, and have premised their entire domestic economic and diplomatic futures to accommodate Islam and the Muslims, they applaud Obama for moving in that direction.

To quote Walid Phares:

"Months and few short years from now, supporters of the 'new direction' in US foreign policy, as well as academics, will frame Obama's Nobel as a consolidation of a new world order, while the media outburst following the granting declaration will be forgotten. This honoted policy is to ensure that there will be no more American intervention overseas to provide democratic change, let alone revolutions,particularly in the so-called 'Muslim world.'

Phares continues:

"The Nobel Peace Prize Committee is based in Norway, which cooperaties with OPEC and often has joint ventures. OPEC is controlled by the members of the Organization of the Islamic-Conference (OIC) and the Arab League. These regimes,have one common goal: Oppose the rise of democracy."

A German court ruled last week, that Muslims have the right to have their own mosques at German schools. That doesn't seem like a major ruling, but it's the foot in the door to infiltrate German courts. Berlin is receiving Al Qaeda terrorist threats, on the scale of our 9.11, if they do
not withdraw from Afghanistan. According to Dr. Sami Alrabaa, Muslims lead by radicals would demographically and 'democratically, legally take over by 2070'.

Well, you say that's 60 years from now and that's Germany. It couldn't happen in the US.

Have you heard of the Armana Mutual Funds Trust located in Bellingham, Washington? They are part of the Global Islamic Finance Industry. One of the service is Hala Investing, which is investing according to the priniciples of Shairia Law.

Another service is investing for Hajj. This is directly from their website: Islam mandates that all Muslims who are financially and physically capable perform a pilgrmage to Mecca--the Hajj--one in a lifetime. This institution advises you how to financially prepared for Hajj.

Obama won't have to use the Armana Trust to go to Hajj. He can use the $1 million awarded from the Nobel Peace Prize.

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