Thursday, September 24, 2009

Open Letter to House Republican Leadership

September 24th, 2009

Open Letter to House Republican Leadership

Dear Rep Cantor and Rep Boehner,

The week following the biggest March on Washington the behavior of congress is as arrogant as ever. The House voted on legislation to “defund” Acorn. Fabulous, sounds good on the surface, but what you fail to realize is “we the people” are watching. What I am so upset with is the way it was passed. Instead of bring the bill to the floor as stand alone legislation; you put it on another big spending bill, HR 3221. The Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act which is the equivalent of the Health Care Reform bill for Higher Education. I am respectfully asking you to explain why. Especially since, you voted to add the amendment, but then voted against the bill. So you technically voted against defunding of Acorn. I can’t wait to see those campaign ads in the next election.

Additionally, I am very disappointed in how this whole thing was spun. I had the opportunity to listen to Rep Bachmann’s conference call she had on Sept __ about ACORN and GOP Leader Boehner spoke about the “surprise” defund ACORN amendment. Well, I am not buying it. Nothing congress does is a “surprise” to congress. What back room deal was made? Was this a strategy to make it look like the Republicans are making progress and a way for Democrats to save face? I contend that the Defund Acorn Act amendment is just another manipulation of the system. Whether you know what was going on or not? The fact is that the congressional rules have been so distorted to accomplish various agendas; no one (including the congressman) knows what is actually going on.

Do you even know who wrote HR 3221? Have you ever heard of Demos? Did you know that many of Demos objectives are written into HR 3221? I don’t know if they wrote the bill or not, you could probably find out better than I. However, did you know that Demos has close ties with Acorn, if they are not an Acorn organization themselves? Humph, what if the “Defund Acorn Act” was attached to legislation that an Acorn organization wrote? Bertha Lewis is laughing all the way to the bank.

If bills are not brought to the floor for honest debate how are “we the people” going to know that we are being represented correctly. (or is that the purpose) If you were afraid the bill would not pass, that is non sense. Let the bills and votes stand on their own. Right now congress is operating with “smoke and mirrors” and this is unacceptable. The excuse that you are in the minority is no excuse. You know better than I that what is going on in congress. I am asking you to rise above, call out what is wrong and fix it. If you can not, I again respectfully ask you to step aside so we can find someone who can.

US Citizen, VA
7th Congressional District


  1. Nice letter but I think Mr. Cantor is hopeless. He has traded any principle or conservative ethos for the trappings of Office. It would seem he is perfectly content with the status quo: political corruption.
    Cantor has to go.

  2. I agree, John. Hence the open letter, this was more to inform the constituency than for Mr. Cantor himself. Can't wait to see the form letter I get back. ;)