Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Blogger Who Nailed Van Jones

If the Van Jones resignation is blamed on his statement about Republicans and 9/11, the lesson is lost. It's the communism, stupid. If people don't recognize the dangers of having a communist in the White House, then the nature of the scandal is not understood.

Blogger Trevor Loudon of New Zealand broke the story on April 6. His main point is that Van Jones and Barack Obama share the same Marxist ideology and background. Obama, however is more careful and clever.

Loudon began his research into the existence of communist networks and began to investigate Van Jones after seeing several separate pieces of information. He came across Jones' name from a clip from the mid 1990's in a New Zeland socialist publication about a Yale educated lawyer involved in STORM-Standing Together To Organize A Revolutionary Movement and the name stuck.

While researching the far-left think Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) which Loudon considers the Obama administration's 'ideas bank", Loudon found a piece by IPS staffer Chuck Collins recommending Van Jones for a top government job. At September 26, 2008 article, posted by the IPS website by Chuck Collins, offered 22 names they thought would make suitable appointments for an Obama administration. He included, "Van Jones, of the Ella Baker Center, to direct the Commerce Department's new 'green jobs initiative.'

Remember, this was before the election.

"I researched Jones again and found that he was a fellow at the Center for American Progress," Loudon says referring to the George Soros funded entity.

A few days after the election, Loudon found a statement from former Weather Underground terrorist leader Mark Rudd, saying, "Look to the second level appointments. There's a whole government in waiting that John Podesta has at the Center for American Progress. They're mostly progressives, except in military and foreign policy. Podesta was co-chair for the Obama-Biden Transition Team.

When Jones was appointed "Green Jobs Czar" in March 2009, Loudon got serious. If first article about Jones' communist connections appeared on April 6.

Loudon says that it took a few key strokes to find that STORM was very influential in the San Francisco Bay Ara and had ties to both the Cuban and South African Communist Parties. Jones had ties to two former Weather Underground supporters-Jon and Nancy Frappier and the Bay Area branch of the Committess of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism. Jones was the keynote speaker at a CCDS fundraiser in Berkeley as late as February 2006.

The Bay Area branch of the CCDS is basically the same alliance for former Weathermen, 60's Maoists and modern communists who supported Obama in Chicago, Loudon explains.

Continuing, Louden explains, "Two of Jones' Bay Area radical friends, Betita Martinez (a former Maoist and CCDS member) and Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz (a former Maoist and one-time Weatherman supporter), served on the board of Movement for a Democratic Society, along with Weather underground leaders Mark Rudd and Dernardine Dohrn."

He adds, "Obama's friend Bill Ayers was also involved, as were leaders of CCDS, including Angela Davis, who works with several Bay Area STORM alumni, leaders of the Communist Party USA, Democratic Socialists of America, and several Institute for Policy Studies trustees, including E. Ethelbert Miller, Barbara Ehrenreich and Bill Fletcher Jr. The last 2 are members of Democratic Socialist of America (DSA) and founders in 2009 of Progressives for Obama.

Obama received the endorsement of the Chicago branch of the DSA in 1996.

Now that Jones has resigned, Loudon says that, "the focus needs to go on who hired him and why and easily identifiable communist revolutionary with a police record could serve as a presidental adviser.

In terms of evidence, about who recoomended and hired Jones, you can focus on the far-left Oakland Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee. Lee is the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, was a presidental campaign adviser to Obama and is a friend of Jones and Obama.

However, Obama's 'brain' Valerie Jarrett is on tape saying 'they' have been watching Jones for years and were happy to recruit him. Who is 'they'?


  1. Nice work, it is disturbing to know that while ordinary Americans have been going about the business of earning a living and raising our families these radical organizations have been planning the takeover of our government. These marxist and communist terrorists must be exposed and we, the ordinary citizen must play an active roll in saving our Republic.

  2. Your comments and research are very good--it is too bad that more people are not paying attention! Keep ringing the bell though--people are waking up!