Tuesday, September 8, 2009

9.12 Prayer or Another Mid-Afternoon Rant by Mike

I recieved this as an email from Mike Thompson from the Hampton Roads Tea Party. After I finished reading this, I realized it is a prayer. If you are going to the 9.12 March this Saturday, please recite this to your family and friends. I intend to

Nuzzled in the center of Washington DC between Massachusetts Ave NW, New Jersey Ave NW and G St NW there is a little known memorial. This memorial is dedicated to the Men, Women and Children who suffered and died because of communism. The name of the Memorial is the Victims of Communism Memorial. If you travel south on New Jersey Avenue NW and bare right onto 1st Street NW forward the Capitol you will run into the Peace Monument. This monument was erected to Honor the Brave Men who died during the Civil War at Sea. Scribed in the monument is "They died that their country might live".

After viewing the Peace Monument head west towards the Capitol Reflecting Pool, you will emerge onto the National Mall. The National Mall is more than just museums and place of interest; it is a place that holds the History of America and the World. For the most part, every lesson that Humanity has learned can be represented by some exhibit, monument or memorial within the 3 miles of the National Mall and more importantly, the US Capitol and the White House.

This week, we are going to be part of history. The march this Saturday should shadow the numbers of the wonderful Freedom March of Dr. Martin Luther King. Let us not forget the path that others have traveled so we do not make the same mistakes. Let us embrace the strategies and tactics that have worked. These strategies and tactics must hold true to our priniciples and must allow us to maintain Honor and Civility.

Let us have such an impact that they build a Monument to our efforts and not a Memorial. Let us not become a whisper in time. Let us have an impact that we are recognized in History in the manner that we remember our Revolutionary Patriots. Let our History be not because of a rifle but because of the Revolution that was won by the pen, the sign, our voice and most importantly in the voting booth.

The current guest in our White House and in our Capitol must be too busy to reflect in the Reflecting Pool. They must be too busy to meet with their employer. They must be too busy to take a tour of the exhibits, monuments and memorials to reflect on what history has taught us and what principles this country was founded on.

This Saturday, let our voices and numbers cause them to reflect about the direction they are taking the country. This Saturday, let our voices and numbers cause them to reflect about the 2010 and 2012 elections. Let's cause them to reflect on the power of Freedom and the Republic which was built by We The People.

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