Saturday, August 8, 2009

Who's really the astroturfer?

Recently, this email from Moveon(dot)org was brought to my attention. While I was encouraged by the fact they feel the need to "fight back". Several things stood out to me about their so called "grass-root".

Dear MoveOn member,

It's getting ugly out there.
All across the country, right-wing extremists are disrupting congressional town-hall meetings with venomous attacks on President Obama's plans for health care and clean energy.

* Last night in Tampa, Florida, a town hall meeting erupted into violence, with the police20being called to break up fist fights and shoving matches.1
* A Texas Democrat was shouted down by right-wing hecklers, many of whom admitted they didn't even live in his district.2
* One North Carolina representative announced he wouldn't be holding any town-hall meetings after his office began receiving death threats.3
* And in Maryland, protesters hung a Democratic congressman in effigy to oppose health-care reform.4

We've got a plan to fight back against these radical right-wingers. We've hired skilled grassroots organizers who are working with thousands of local volunteers to show Congress that ordinary Americans continue to support President Obama's agenda for change. And we're building new online tools to track events across the country and make sure MoveOn members turn out at each one.
But we need to scale up our efforts quickly to make sure this plan works. To really swing into action during this month's congressional recess, we need to raise at least $250,000 immediately. Can you chip in $20 to support our work?

NOTE: If the bullet points in the top of the email are true than, that is unfortunate, because it detracts from our message.

Please enjoy these two pictures and decide for yourself; Which one was paid for?

People AGAINST government health care

People FOR government health care

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