Monday, August 3, 2009

Right Now ~ Guest Blog by Laura Alcorn

It's time to talk to your family like their life depends on it. If you don't educate your friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances to help them while there is time to prepare and prevent, you'll wish you had, and they'll ask you why you didn't. More importantly, you will have to face your children and grandchildren and explain why, despite seeing what was coming, you failed to warn them.

The systemic instability introduced by the encroaching tyranny, the cracking of our foundation, can not lead to prosperity and success. Our economy, our military power, our peace and prosperity, cannot continue as before if the current assault on our liberties has much more success. We must block it and counterattack. The economy is faltering. We are entering an economic depression. The stock market is artificially inflated due to bailout cash. Small business, which generate 70% of all job growth, received no bailout. Only large corporations are handing more power and control to the government. If liberty is not restored and soon, we'll witness the largest destruction of wealth in the history of the world. Communism/socialism/fascism/... call it what you will, the writing is on the wall. For those of you who know history and know what will happen, all who surround you are counting on you. It is time, do not wait another day.

You can start by, gathering people in and educate them. Attending every event that your politicians attends. Let them know you are watching them, lobby, call, write every politician who represents you. Prepare your family for possibility of economic hardship, replenish your emergency stockpiles. Speak without fear, blog, email, host parties and tell everyone what you see.

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