Thursday, August 20, 2009

Richmond Patriots totally grassroots?

This questions was ask in the discussion forum on our site The person who posted had a friend who apparently is buying the media reports that our movement is "funded" by the GOP. Below is our response to this accusation

The Richmond Patriots have been asked to participate WITH the local GOP's many, many times and we have declined.

Some GOP workers are blurring 'grassroots organizations' and themselves are they go door to door and call themselves 'grassroots workers' and that could be where the problem arises.

A few weeks ago, the Henrico GOP held a GOP meeting on 'meet the local grassroots organizations' which the Richmond Patriots declined to participate. This meeting was moderated by a GOP door to door campaigners, who are NOT active members or organizers of any local or national 'grassroots organizations'. So 'grassroots' was interepted through the eyes of a local campaigner.

Also, a local 912 group, who is having a health care program this week, has been advertising on the Henrico and Hanover GOP email updates. Although,we, the Richmond Patriots, are wanting education on the HR3200, we would NEVER promote the Richmond Patriots or our events through or with the GOP.

You can be assured that, the Richmond Patriots do not now, or ever will affiliate ourselves with the Dems, GOP or third Party groups.
You will see from time to time, we will participate with a individual candidate or an issue (from the DEM's, GOP or Third party) that we feel is a 9/12 candidate or issue. The organizers (Laura, Michelle and I) decide what to promote, there are no Karl Roves or AARP behind us.

As you have noticed, we are not incorporated, nor do we required dues, only the cost we incur is keeping the website up annually and cost of flyers. That's something to look at, when you are looking for 'grassroot organizations', also.

Hope this help clear up any misconceptions about the Richmond Patriots.

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