Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Angry Silent Majority

This week as the US Congressmen returned to their districts for the August recess they are being greeted by some angry constituents. The scene is playing out all over the internet via blogs, videos, and some clips are even hitting main stream media. As protesters get louder the politicians have resorted to name calling: astroturfer’s, paid GOP cronies, my personal favorite angry MOB and the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi even said protesters have swastika implying that they are Nazis. OUCH. That youtube video has gone viral, I’m not going to post it here because, I'm just tired of seeing it.

In years past I have heard the term silent majority and often wonder who exactly are the silent majority and why are they silent. President Nixon made an appeal to the GREAT silently majority as a way of countering the anti-war protesters and his belief that the protesters were in the minority. They probably were at that time. The last comment in this video is chilling, in my opinion.

So what’s different about today's protesters? Is this silent majority, finally being silent no more, as the Tea Party movement slogan suggest "Silent majority, silent no more". Genie Zunic wrote in a recent email:

I admit it, I am a tea partier! Just to counter the attack by the media on my friends and me, I would like you to know that I have met many people through the tea party movement and they are not schills for insurance companies or the Republican Party. As a matter of fact, I have met many people who are angry with both parties. I, myself, voted for Democrats all of my voting years until Bill Clinton soiled the office of the President of the United States with his shenanigans. It took me a long time, but I realized that the Democrat Party is not the party of the little guy anymore. They are a party of Socialists who want to "transform" the United States and I don't see anything wrong with the country of my father and grandfather.

The part highlighted in bold IS the truth. It's both parties, the democrats do not get "IT" and are blaming the Republicans. The republican think we are on their side. Neither is true. If the silent majority is guilty of anything it is, not paying attention to what the elected officials were doing after the election. Our founding fathers warned of this, Alexander Hamilton wrote: " ..the people are commonly most in danger when the means of injuring their rights are in the possession of those [towards] whom they entertain the least suspicion" (Federalist Papers, No 25)

What makes these protest different, is the silent majority has been tested to it's very limit. The alarm clock has sounded and the sleeping silent majority has woken. We can no longer remain silent and keep our freedom. We will NOT be pawns of the Republican Party! We will embrace the labels such as the of angry mob. We will laugh at the label astroturfer, because it's not true. That is the practice the liberals started in an effort to manipulate the system. We will remain vigilant and I hope will learn a hard lesson. We can not and WILL NOT be silent again.

Note: This blog was NOT paid for by the Republican National Party.

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