Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sacrificing your Time

When people hear the phrase “sacrificing for your country“, they immediately think of the many who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Then many may ask themselves could they do it, could they sacrifice their life for our country. It’s a chilling thought and a reminder that nothing is free, including freedom.

This week I took my kids to the free family movie at our local theater. You have to get there early so you can be assured that you will get a seat. We had to wait in line for about 20 minutes and another 30 minutes in the theater. My kids becoming inpatient, started to whine “When is the movie going to start?” This is a valuable lesson, an another example, that nothing is free. You either pay with your time (waiting) or you pay with your money for instant access.

The current state of the economy and the political climate in Washington, DC has people waking up. They see our country heading on a path to socialism. In the passed it was easier to just sacrifice our money to the political cause we supported. It is my opinion, that our one-sided sacrifice of money and not using our time to pay attention that has put us at this huge cross roads. Your time is NOW required. People are getting off the couch and coming out of our house asking “what next,?“

They are looking for leadership and direction. It is my fear that they are going to start encountering groups with less than honorable motives, or attend an event that maybe did not go smoothly and wonder who is in control. It is important to discern the motives of any group that you wish to become involved, but please remember that groups like the Tea Party movement and 9 12 groups are being put together buy everyday citizens who have families and jobs. Event planning is out of their comfort zone and I applaud them for stepping up.

The one thing I have noticed, is the true grassroots movements are more interested in your time. They need your “one”, because together we are a “visible mass of droplets“. So I would urge anyone wanting to get involved, volunteer your time. It could be as simple as giving up a lunch hour to visit your representative office, attending an education event to get informed or reaching out to your neighborhood. Don’t be discouraged if things do go smoothly, if you think you could do it better than step up and help. If you feel a groups motives aren’t the direction you want to go then search for another. They are there! … but please whatever you do, don’t go back and sit on the couch.

“…….until an independence is declared, the continent will feel itself like a man who continues putting off some unpleasant business from day to day, yet knows it must be done, hates to set about it, wishes it over and is continually haunted with the thoughts of it’s necessity”
~ Thomas Paine

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