Sunday, July 12, 2009

"People ARE waking up."

We have been hearing that "people are starting to wake up" since the Tax Day Tea Party. Sean Hannity, last week, was screaming out of my car radio "People ARE waking up" repeatedly. As one who does not take everything I hear from the radio as fact, especially something as speculative as "people waking up" I have been asking myself, how do we know?

Well this weekend, I am positive I got my answer and it is YES, they are waking up. I attended two events this weekend that were incredible experiences by themselves. First the ones was an event hosted by the Chester Patriots, we got to hear Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry debate. They were, of course, actors from Williamsburg and they were VERY good. It really brought to light many similarities the Revolution of 1776 and our "revolution" today. Secondly, I attended an activism seminar put on by American Majority. The fact that there was 100 very ready and willing "activist" was not the only thing that struck me as a good sign. It was the questions and the impatient tone you could here in peoples voices.

So how do these two events come together to confirm for me that people ARE waking up? The debate revealed to me that even in the 1776 revolution the country was divided and Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry agreed on many issues, but not necessarily on the solutions. However, they were able to come together for the cause with honest and open debate. The activist training was intense. Drew and Ned Ryun basically told us, and it's true, we are losing a large battle in cyber space. During the blogging session, there were many questions and the shear willingness to learn the technical computer stuff speaks volumes. As we discussed 2010 and beyond elections, there was almost a panic in the room. Several people commenting "I don't think the country will last until 2010", as Bill Engvall says "..And there's your sign".

It's panic. It's the first sign that someone is waking up. I have observed it many times in the last couple of months. The sudden realization that we are traveling at lighting speed to socialism and beyond. That the out of control spending is going to crush our children's freedom. I am starting to notice it everywhere. At the Founders debate, you could hear it's undertone in the Q and A session. At the training, you could feel the panic and urgency with every topic discussed.

O.k. now everyone, say it with me, "the first step to recovery is to identify the problem." Take a deep breath and calm down. Panic is good, in a sense, but don’t let it control you. We have one very powerful tool that our Founding Fathers did not have, it's called the Constitution. Let’s start exercising it!(or we will lose it) Start speaking up. If everyone starts to do what they can others will notice, some may call you crazy, but some WILL wake up and start to panic. Let’s be there to help them.

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