Friday, July 17, 2009

July 17th - Protest

Yep! Another protest and there are so many issues that I really did not bother with a specific title. The two main issue of the day are the Health care Bill and Cap and Trade bill, but we could also have protested the Sotomayer appointment to the Supreme Court, some bill that I don’t know the name of that will make thinking bad thoughts a “hate” crime, and Audit the Fed. Just to name a few.

The protest today was directed at the Senators of each State and was coordinated nationwide. I attend Senator Warner’s Midlothian office. I was pleased when I pulled in there was no place to park. There were 500 people in attendance and reports of 300 at Senator Webb's office. A representative from Warner's office did come out to speak with us, so that is encouraging. Here are some pictures taken by Laura Glover.




Thanks to everyone who took time out our your busy day to attend. Your "one" is making a difference.

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