Thursday, July 16, 2009

9/12 Tax Payer March on DC

O.K. Patriots!! Time to put action to your words. We have protested in Richmond, we have protested local t.v., we have protested local congressional offices. NOW IT'S TIME...... to take this protest to the "belly of the beast". On 9/12 Tax Payer's nationwide will be converging on the steps of the US Capital Building. We need your "one" to help send the message to Washington, in Washington. The goal is to get more people there than were at the Inauguration.

To make it easy for you Richmond Patriots is getting a bus, so no excuses. The cost is $25/person. Let's face it you can't drive yourself for less!

Saturday, 9-12:

9:30am Lining up for march
10:30am March begins and ends at the U.S. Capitol Building
(handicapped persons in wheelchairs who want to march can be pushed, others will have a designated area at the Capitol Lawn)
1:00pm Event/Protest Rally Starts at U.S. Capitol Lawn

If you want to come, join our meet up site and RSVP: Richmond Patriots Meet Up

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