Friday, July 31, 2009

Back Door Auto Bailout

Questions: Is marketing part of the Poly Sci degree program? Because it seems like everything congress is doing these days has to have some kind of spin so it can be "sold" to the public. Any advertising agency can come up with a marketing campaign that distracts you from the product's flaws. So let's start calling these government stimulus programs what the really are, back door bailouts.

Cash for Clunkers is a prime example, on the surface it seems great. Here's the sales pitch. You qualify if your car has been own and insured by you for at least a year. If the car you buy improves your mpg to between 4 an 10 mpg then you can qualify for $3500 and if you improved your mpg by 10 or more than you qualify for $4500. Woo Hoo!!! I am liking it, but what's the catch?

Well, the program was funded with $1,000,000,000 in tax payer money. So let's sharpen the pencil and do some math: 1,000,000,000/$3500 (rounding down to the nearest thousands) = 285,000. So congress figured they would be helping the environment and cutting gas consumption by removing 285,000 "clunkers" from the road. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't we have 110,000,000 (from memory) people vote in the last election and I assume many of them drive. O.k. time for some more math 285,000/110,000,000 = .25%. Amazing. You know "they" say every little bit helps.

Here is a real life comentary on the whole Cash for Clunker from the NY Times:

For dealers, the confusion continues. Adam Lee, a co-owner of Lee Auto Malls, one of the largest car dealerships in Maine, told Green Inc. in an e-mail message this morning that “we are having all sorts of problems.”

In Mr. Lee’s description:

1. We have not had one application accepted without it being rejected numerous times.

2. We have 9 people at 5 dealerships working full time on this, it should take one person.

3. We have over 100 waiting to be paid and have not been paid on one yet.

4. They changed the rules part way through.

5. It is a mess.

“Having said that,” Mr. Lee continued, “it is having an incredible impact on business. I love the program, but they are so out of their league. They should have had someone else administer the program.”

In a follow-up telephone interview, Mr. Lee also said that the environmental benefits — a driving force behind the creation of the program — were for many customers merely a side benefit. Most people, he said, just wanted to get a good deal when they exchanged an old car for a new one.

“I don’t think that I could say that demand has exploded for the Prius because of this,” Mr. Lee said.

He also argued that if the program could have been structured to do much more for the environment, by allowing people whose cars get 22 miles per gallon or less (rather than the current limit of 18) to trade them in. Also, he said, the minimum mileage for new vehicles could have been higher — say, 28 miles per gallon (above the current 22).

“Right now you can get $3,500 for increasing your fuel economy from 18 to 22,” Mr. Lee said. “Well, that stinks.”

Now, let's give congress the benefit of the doubt. They are just trying to help the economy and create jobs. So the average of 2 people/dealership dedicated to just process the "clunker" applications, that's pretty good right? Provided they keep the job after the program is over. hhhhmmmm. I am really starting to wonder if congress read this bill or even had time to do the math. Wait, I know! The car dealerships, that's it. The manufactures got their bailout, so it was time to bail out the dealerships. Very, very clever. The only "mistake" really made was under estimating how fast the money would be use, because I don't really know that many people who would want to take $3500 from the government. Do you?

So, today congress approved another $2,000,000,000 of tax payer money to fund more cars because the program is such a "success". That means another, 570,000 cars will be taken off the road. Yep, that is awesome can't wait for congress to get a hold of our health care system.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Americans For Prosperity greeted Obama

For those of you who may not be aware, President Obama had a "town hall" meeting in the south western Va town of Bristol. Only invited people were allowed and to be invited you had to be a member of the union and a Kroger employee. Americans for Prosperity did not let this "town hall" go unanswered, they were able to get out the message that not everyone agrees with President Obama's plan. You can get the full story here.

I was looking through the pictures from the protest and when I saw this picture, I cried. I cried because even a driving rain families are standing up to be heard. Richmond Patriots had discussed making the drive to join the protest and we were with them in spirit. I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for giving up the afternoon and getting drenched, I'm sure, for the cause.

afp bristol

There are going to be many more protest during the August recess. The other side will be spending tons of money on commercials, and lacking the money of the lobbies, grassroots organization will be sacrificing time to protest nationwide. Stay tuned to this blog, I will post the protest as I become aware. Please help take back the country and join us.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Palin's Farewell Address As Alaska's Governor

Amen! This is a very smart lady. God bless her.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Waking the Sleeping Voter by guest blogger Julie Jones Carwile

Waking the Sleeping Voter: How much time and how much spending will it take….?

This writer has a lot of questions today. Here’s an essential question: how long will the voters tolerate the President calling a new legislative crisis the central key to economic healing? How stupid does he think voters are? Well,…. Clearly, a lot of people believed whatever was reported by Big Media without the slightest nod to some personal responsibility to question the background of this potential president. The November election results supply ample evidence that the American citizen can be very gullible, and thus, he can safely assume that some will not notice the inconsistency of his pronouncements and promises from day to day.

Back in October 2008, then-candidate Obama supported his vote for TARP by demonizing real estate agents, mortgage lenders, Wall Street fat-cats, banks, and other financial agents. It was the fault of these entities that our economy at that time was in a free-fall. Fast-forward to January and February 2009 and the latest emergency for more government funding was the automotive industry. Adding to the mix, many state budget crises and rising unemployment across the nation meant we must immediately pass a massive $787 billion bill without even reading it…..because we needed to stop the bleeding…. and so on. Then, there was Cap-and-trade, with energy becoming the economic demon of the day. Here it is late-July 2009 and the healthcare legislation is in trouble. Now, President Obama is urging that healthcare reform is “central” to repairing the economy. Which is it, Mr. President? What is causing the economy to limp along six months into your presidency?

This week, during his press conference, Obama conveyed that he understood why Americans are concerned about the healthcare legislation by stating, “They haven’t seen a lot of laws come out of Washington lately that help them, have they?” He pressed for and signed these laws, right?

Does his past record count for nothing? It didn’t affect voter turnout in favor of Barack Obama, turnout that belied the numerous “questions” surrounding the philosophical and true political leanings of this man. Obama now pronounces the “rightness” of healthcare reform, yet according to the Congressional Record, on numerous occasions Obama voted down healthcare reform legislation while a U.S. Senator. For example, the following two “No” votes related to healthcare reform were recorded:

a) Obama voted NO on Allowing Americans the Freedom to Purchase Health Insurance Across State Lines.(110th Congress, 1st Session, Roll Call 305).

b) Obama voted NO on Expanding Access to Small Business Health Plans. (110th Congress, Session 2, Roll Call 119).

He apparently is so shallow that he must depend upon his “personal appeal” to keep his favorability ratings up. This week, Obama held his fourth live press conference since he took office in late January 2009. His predecessor, George W. Bush, held only four live press conferences during his 8-year term!

Did his appearance on television (is it any wonder it earned the nickname, the “idiot-box”) allay the doubts that Obama-supporters might experience when hearing reports that government spending is skyrocketing and government interference in Americans’ lives will reduce freedom, reduce healthcare options, and cost Americans more overall? How many viewers figured out that after one hour on television, the President had said nothing? Did any of them hear him say, “"If we do not act, 14,000 Americans will continue to lose their health insurance every single day” and then wonder if perhaps those 14,000 Americans were losing health insurance because the President’s plan to stave off job losses has not worked?

People need to wake up and think for themselves! Everyone should ask questions when issues and political punditry do not make sense. Thankfully, there are people who are willing to share their knowledge, their expertise, and their passion for a free country. The efforts of these emboldened American citizens have begun to shake the sleeping voter from his (or her) slumber.

It appears that magical presidential performances cannot prevent the most recent polling results indicating a decline in public support for this president. “A new poll by ABC News and The Washington Post found public support for Obama’s leadership on health care reform dropped from 57 percent in April to 49 percent in July, while support for his handling of the economy dropped from 58 percent to 52 percent.” (San Francisco Examiner, July 22, 2009)

Now, it is incumbent upon these awakening Americans to stay engaged and not grow weary of the political sniping. Our founding fathers knew that the freedom of the people rested in the citizens’ hearts and minds. James Madison said, “well-instructed people alone can be permanently a free people.”


Julie is a Chester Patriot and volunteers with Independence Caucus.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Restore The Founder's Vision ~ Event

The Richmond Patriots had a standing room only last night in the Historic Hanover Courthouse for the Restore the Founders Vision presentation. Patrick Henry was in attendance and entertained us with his famous speech that he gave on March 23, 1775, then Pat McSweeney and Jamie Radtke shared their experience and frustration. As a part of the political process they have seen the gradual take over of our rights from the federal government.

What is the founder’s vision? It is self government. It is taking responsibility for ourselves, our families, our communities and our state. The foundations of this country is the individual freedom, but with that freedom comes responsibility. I could make a long list of these responsibilities, but I believe you already know what they are. You may feel overwhelmed and wonder how do we push back the federal government. It’s not as overwhelming as you think, and Jamie Radtke discussed being on offense and defense at the same time.

Our defense is making sure our households are in order and taking care of the people around us. When you see someone in need help them. Our offense is reaching out to our community. Make sure they understand the Constitution and our founders vision, educate them on the issues, help them to register to vote and get them to the polls. This is how your “one” can make a big difference, because as each of us starts to secure our foundations, the foundation of our country will get stronger and the over reaching power of the federal government will lose it’s grip.

You can get started. Are you part of a civil organization, church or neighborhood association? Host your own Restore The Founders Vision event in your community. It’s a great way to get the conversation started, then don’t let it stop.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Old Folks and Sick Folks Your on Notice!

Believe me, I don't like the "scare tactics" that have been used by the left for years. You know that the ones I am talking about, the ones that say the "children" are going hungry if we don't pass "blah de blah" legislation. They have used it for everything and for years. So please know that I don't not post this to scare you but to inform you.

This is our very own Senator Warner and this was taken from his website. I have highlighted the "good parts" so your eyes don't glaze over like mine did. Also, if you could take note at the bottomn is a list of the "supporters" of the bill, because this bill is about one thing, how to make money off of dieing people. I am sorry if that sounds blunt, but have the American People become so lazy that we need laws to make us inform ourselves. No doubt about it, dealing with terminal illness is very stressful and sometimes unexpected, but every case is as unique as the individual. As Thomas Jefferson said, "There is nothing more unequal than the equal treatment of unequal people"

In June 2009, Senator Warner introduced the Senior Navigation and Planning Act of 2009, health reform legislation that will strengthen the quality and availability of counseling, support services, and care management for patients and families coping with life-limiting illnesses.

The legislation includes the following:

*Enhanced Medicare and Medicaid Coverage of Advanced Illness Care Management Services: Beginning in 2011, individuals diagnosed with a life expectancy of 18 months or less will have access to a new advanced illness care management benefit administered by hospice providers. The current Medicare Hospice benefit only applies to individuals diagnosed with a life expectancy of six months or less, and it requires patients to give up curative treatment. The advanced illness care management benefit includes palliative care consultation services, patient and family counseling, respite services, and in-home caregiver training, while also allowing for the continuation of curative treatments.

* A Requirement for Physicians to Provide Certain Medicare Beneficiaries with Information on Advance Directives and other Planning Tools: Beginning in 2014, Medicare reimbursements will not be provided until physicians provide individuals with information on advanced care planning for patients specifically diagnosed with end-stage cancer, renal disease, congestive heart failure, progressive neurodegenerative disorder, oxygen-dependent chronic pulmonary disease, or any other condition with a similar level of medical necessity determined appropriate by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS).

*Incentives for Providers to Achieve Accreditation and Certification in Hospice and Palliative Care: If an eligible inpatient hospital, inpatient critical access hospital, and skilled nursing facility has in place an accredited palliative care program and meets utilization criteria, the hospital or skilled nursing facility would receive a Medicare bonus payment of 2% for fiscal years 2011 through 2016, and a bonus payment of 1% for fiscal years 2017 through 2020. After fiscal year 2020, if an eligible hospital or skilled nursing facility does not have in place an accredited palliative care program, the hospital would see reimbursements decreased by 1%. Exceptions will be crafted for smaller hospitals and nursing homes.

* More Comprehensive Discharge Planning for Facilities: By January 1, 2013, discharge procedures for hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, and hospice programs must include a discussion with patients and their families about the general course of treatment expected, the likely impact on the length of life and function, and the procedures they should use to secure help if an unexpected situation arises. Caregivers and families, with the patient’s consent, or the patient’s surrogate decision maker, can also receive this information.

* Increased Public Awareness about the Importance of End-of-life Planning: To increase the awareness of advance directive planning, HHS will design and implement a national education campaign to raise public awareness of the importance of planning for care near the end of life. This grant-funded campaign will focus on the need for readily available legal documents that clearly express an individual’s wishes through advance directives, including living wills, comfort care orders, and durable powers of attorney for health care. In addition, it directs HHS to launch a consumer-friendly Web site, and establish a national toll-free information line for consumers on advanced directives and other planning tools. HHS also will be directed to establish a national advisory panel that includes representatives from the healthcare, religious, and family caregiver communities, and assembles other end-of-life medical expertise, to evaluate and recommend improvements to the program.

This legislation does not deny or withhold healthcare services. However, it does recognize that overall health reform should include a thoughtful process that informs patients, their families, and caregivers on how to navigate and think-through difficult decisions about when and how long to pursue treatments at the end-of-life.


Senator Warner's Senior Navigation and Planning Act received support from leading health groups, including:

* National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
* United Health Group
* Alzheimer's Foundation
* ARCH National Respite Coalition
* Well Spouse Association
* National Association for Home Care & Hospice
* National Family Caregivers Association
* American Association for Long Term Care Nursing
* Duke University Divinity School’s Institute on Care at the End of Life
* National Association of Social Workers

One final observation about the supports of this legislation, if we provide tax money for these associations they have "reason" to encourage hospice care over a cure. Where is the incentive to actually try to cure these diseases? and why do our tax dollars have to pay for it?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Health Insurance: A brief history ~ Part 2

The questions I brought up in Part 1 have been nagging at me for a long time. So, I decided to look into the history of how HMO’s and “employer provided” health insurance evolved. First, I must admit I am extremely embarrassed about how easy this information was to find. A simple google search got me started.

Here is what I found out. “Universal Health care” has been a battle in congress pretty much since 1942, this is when congress legislated that *only* employers could make tax deductions for health insurance premiums. So individuals had no incentive to obtain individual coverage. This would be the first step in our slippery slope. The next attempt was in 1943 with the Wagner-Murray-Dingell bill, this was an attempt to add heath insurance to the social security system, as well as other provisions, including nationalization of unemployment compensation. This bill was supported by organized labor and farm organizations and opposed by organized physicians. The bill met with strong opposition, including organized doctors vowing not to serve patients under the plan, but referring them to the politician who they paid. It never came to a vote in congress. However, in 1945 the bill was revised when President Truman sent a message asking congress to address specific areas. When the “new” bill was introduce later in 1945, it sparked a nation wide discussion. People became aware and nonprofessional groups took time to “dispel false notions and groundless fears”. The bill was never passed.

Two decades of debate continued, during which time commercial health insurance companies started seeing more interest and enrollment grew. The Social Security Administration also, continued perusing the idea of offering health insurance as a benefit to recipients, and in July 1965, another progressive move toward socialized medicine, Medicare and Medicaid were signed into law. President Truman was the first person enrolled and it was done ceremonially at the signing

The latest step and the one that has brought us to the system that is in place today is the HMO Act of 1973, signed into law by President Nixon. This act provide funds, tax payer money, to start or expand an HMO with a list of mandates and bypassing state restrictions. The HMO had 3 basic requirements, to provide a specific list of benefits, charge the same price to everyone and be structured as a non-profit.

Well, I don’t know about you but I was just a kid in the 70’s. I never realized that HMO’s were basically started by the federal government. It never occurred to me that they were anything but well meaning non profit organizations trying to provide better health care. I bet the general public does not know that HMO’s were started by the federal government. That HMO’s probably violate the 10th amendment to the constitution and HMO’s very likely were a trial run for the government provided health insurance, but they put it in the hands of non profit, so when it did not work the federal government could rush, and I do mean rush, in to fix the problem.

So there you go, a brief history of insurance legislation and the progressive movement to socialize health insurance. And believe me this is just the highlights I think the point I want everyone to take away, is this has been going on for a long time. We need to not only stop this legislation, but kill it for good. I hope you learned something you did not know from this article and are encouraged to so some googling on you own. Just make sure you have your duct tape handy.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Health Insurance: My Story

Health Insurance: My Story

What is the most dreaded time of the year? If you ask that question most people will tell you tax time. For me however, the most dreaded time of the year is open enrollment. For those of you who work in the corporate world you know exactly what I am talking about. It’s the short little time period the insurance companies give employers to allow employees to change their benefits. Every year I have grudgingly, look through the information until my eye glaze over and then by default just accept it for what it is and sign up for the same old coverage. But every year I tell myself, there has to be a cheaper way, but the task seems so overwhelming and the system so riddled with regulations, I dismiss it as just the way it is.

This year however it was a little different. Our open enrollment was last month and last year was a pretty average year for us as far as visits to the doctor. We just barely met our deductible, so I pulled out the checkbook to find out how much we paid verse how much the insurance company paid. This task did require duct tape. Our health insurance premium is $3500/yr for a PPO, now remember we are fortunate to be an average healthy family we also paid another $1000 on top of this that included co-pays, deductible, and prescriptions. Would you like to know how much the insurance company paid, after adjusting the doctor price from the “excess of the allowed expense for a participating provider “ $498.00. This was the part where I needed the duct tape. What in the world are we paying for?? Now I know that some people have legitimate health concerns that make their premiums higher and I am not trying to belittle the fact that a health crisis can cause financial havoc for a family. My point is the average healthy family of 4 is really paying to much for health insurance.

It’s not just costing money either, it’s costing time. Just recently, my daughter smashed her finger and it swelled up and turned black and blue. So, as any good parent would, off to the urgent care to have it x-rayed. Good news it was not broken, bad news we got a bill for 389.00. WHAT?? HHHMMM. Luckily I got my “Explanation of Benefit’s” the same day, because the bill from the urgent care was not itemized (a regulation of HIPPA), but the EOB was itemized. The urgent care charged my insurance for surgery, well the insurance did not know we DID NOT have surgery. The insurance company would have paid it but we had not met our deductible. So after 30 minutes on the phone and a call back promised within two weeks, which never came, and a follow up call the bill was cleared.

I’ve had to deal with similar situation over the years, when the bill was not correct and it took me several attempts to clear it up. I wonder how often the insurance companies are over billed and it’s never corrected, or how often a bill is paid by the patient, because they don’t want to bother with the insurance company? The thought came to me, how much time and money would we (patients and the doctors) have saved if we could have just paid out right at the time of service. We don’t go to the doctor every month, the money we’ve been paying to the health insurance could be set aside in savings for when it’s needed. Sounds simple, makes sense, so why is can’t we do it that way? There are many questions I have and I am sure you have, I hope to answers some in the next couple of days.

Well, I’m sure by now your eyes have glazed over so take a break and stay tuned for part 2 ….

Latest Polling Data ~ Rasmussen Report

Believe it or not, I don't not rejoice in these numbers and it is tempting to say, "see I told you so". Honestly, if the election had gone the other way, I am sure we would be seeing similar numbers. What WOULD make me rejoice is to have a President that we could all rally behind. Someone who, the majority of people felt, had the best interest of the US at heart. Is that too much to ask?


Read the Rasmussen Report here.

Friday, July 17, 2009

July 17th - Protest

Yep! Another protest and there are so many issues that I really did not bother with a specific title. The two main issue of the day are the Health care Bill and Cap and Trade bill, but we could also have protested the Sotomayer appointment to the Supreme Court, some bill that I don’t know the name of that will make thinking bad thoughts a “hate” crime, and Audit the Fed. Just to name a few.

The protest today was directed at the Senators of each State and was coordinated nationwide. I attend Senator Warner’s Midlothian office. I was pleased when I pulled in there was no place to park. There were 500 people in attendance and reports of 300 at Senator Webb's office. A representative from Warner's office did come out to speak with us, so that is encouraging. Here are some pictures taken by Laura Glover.




Thanks to everyone who took time out our your busy day to attend. Your "one" is making a difference.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

9/12 Tax Payer March on DC

O.K. Patriots!! Time to put action to your words. We have protested in Richmond, we have protested local t.v., we have protested local congressional offices. NOW IT'S TIME...... to take this protest to the "belly of the beast". On 9/12 Tax Payer's nationwide will be converging on the steps of the US Capital Building. We need your "one" to help send the message to Washington, in Washington. The goal is to get more people there than were at the Inauguration.

To make it easy for you Richmond Patriots is getting a bus, so no excuses. The cost is $25/person. Let's face it you can't drive yourself for less!

Saturday, 9-12:

9:30am Lining up for march
10:30am March begins and ends at the U.S. Capitol Building
(handicapped persons in wheelchairs who want to march can be pushed, others will have a designated area at the Capitol Lawn)
1:00pm Event/Protest Rally Starts at U.S. Capitol Lawn

If you want to come, join our meet up site and RSVP: Richmond Patriots Meet Up

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This report is anything but intelligent.

From Parade Magazine's intelligence report on July 12th, 2009

Are 'Grassroots Activists' For Real?
While drafting major legislation on energy policy, health care, and the economy this term, members of Congress have been bombarded with phone calls, letters, e-mails, and petitions from constituents. So-called grassroots campaigns are often effective because they’re thought to represent the will of the people. But what politicians—and many ordinary Americans—may not know is that some “grassroots” movements are actually sophisticated marketing campaigns financed by businesses and special-interest groups.

For example, Patients United Now (PUN), a group focused on health care, claims to be composed of “patients just like you” who are shocked at decisions being made in Washington by “big companies, lobbyists, and politicians.” In fact, PUN is a project of the Americans For Prosperity Foundation, launched by David Koch—a wealthy industrialist who opposes efforts to expand government-mandated health benefits. Another group, American Rights at Work, advocates making it easier for workers to unionize. It is funded in part by the AFL-CIO.

Craig Holman of Public Citizen, a consumer-advocacy organization, calls such campaigns “ astroturf,” not grassroots, and says they “typically adopt populist-sounding names that belie the fact that they are bankrolled by large corporations, trade associations, or ultra-wealthy individuals who have little in common with regular Americans.” At present, grassroots movements are unregulated and not required to disclose the interests behind them. Some politicians, like Sen. Bob Bennett (R., Utah), think that’s a good thing. “The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech,” he says. “People should be able to speak out without having to register with the very government they are seeking to change.”

— Sharon Male

My response:

A Political Action Committee (PAC) is when a special interest group, union or corporation that wants to contribute to a political campaign they organize into PACs. They collect the money in a pool and “pay off” the candidates and because there is a limit to the amount they can “pay off“ they contribute to both candidates in both parties so that whoever is elected will be sympathetic to their cause. This is under the guise of being “regulated”. While it’s true some PAC will try to pretend they are “grassroots” (astroturfer’s) they are easy to spot. These are the groups that want your money.

True grassroots are more interested in your time and the last time I checked, we did not have to qualify our opinion with how much money is in our checking account. Many grassroots movements ARE started at personal sacrifice of time and money. In fact, correct me if I am wrong, our country was started by a grassroots movement.

I’m am not surprised by this article, however I am sad because it is clear many Americans have lost touch with what America is truly about, so as soon as something is done that they don’t like the instant reaction is “regulation” If you are truly interested in calling out astroturfer’s why don’t you start with the biggest offender, ACORN.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

"People ARE waking up."

We have been hearing that "people are starting to wake up" since the Tax Day Tea Party. Sean Hannity, last week, was screaming out of my car radio "People ARE waking up" repeatedly. As one who does not take everything I hear from the radio as fact, especially something as speculative as "people waking up" I have been asking myself, how do we know?

Well this weekend, I am positive I got my answer and it is YES, they are waking up. I attended two events this weekend that were incredible experiences by themselves. First the ones was an event hosted by the Chester Patriots, we got to hear Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry debate. They were, of course, actors from Williamsburg and they were VERY good. It really brought to light many similarities the Revolution of 1776 and our "revolution" today. Secondly, I attended an activism seminar put on by American Majority. The fact that there was 100 very ready and willing "activist" was not the only thing that struck me as a good sign. It was the questions and the impatient tone you could here in peoples voices.

So how do these two events come together to confirm for me that people ARE waking up? The debate revealed to me that even in the 1776 revolution the country was divided and Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry agreed on many issues, but not necessarily on the solutions. However, they were able to come together for the cause with honest and open debate. The activist training was intense. Drew and Ned Ryun basically told us, and it's true, we are losing a large battle in cyber space. During the blogging session, there were many questions and the shear willingness to learn the technical computer stuff speaks volumes. As we discussed 2010 and beyond elections, there was almost a panic in the room. Several people commenting "I don't think the country will last until 2010", as Bill Engvall says "..And there's your sign".

It's panic. It's the first sign that someone is waking up. I have observed it many times in the last couple of months. The sudden realization that we are traveling at lighting speed to socialism and beyond. That the out of control spending is going to crush our children's freedom. I am starting to notice it everywhere. At the Founders debate, you could hear it's undertone in the Q and A session. At the training, you could feel the panic and urgency with every topic discussed.

O.k. now everyone, say it with me, "the first step to recovery is to identify the problem." Take a deep breath and calm down. Panic is good, in a sense, but don’t let it control you. We have one very powerful tool that our Founding Fathers did not have, it's called the Constitution. Let’s start exercising it!(or we will lose it) Start speaking up. If everyone starts to do what they can others will notice, some may call you crazy, but some WILL wake up and start to panic. Let’s be there to help them.

Friday, July 10, 2009

You never know what will happen at a meeting...

Our local news, CBS6 attended a recent organizers meeting. There is a link to the report.

WTVR Channel 6 Coverage of grassroots movement

The coverage was fair and we were pleased with the report.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

At Senator Warners Office

Richmond Patriots and Chester Patriots welcomed "move on" when they came to deliver a petition, that they did not have, to Senator Warner. The State Director met with both groups. A positive experience for Richmond Patriot, I don't about the move on group.

Sacrificing your Time

When people hear the phrase “sacrificing for your country“, they immediately think of the many who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Then many may ask themselves could they do it, could they sacrifice their life for our country. It’s a chilling thought and a reminder that nothing is free, including freedom.

This week I took my kids to the free family movie at our local theater. You have to get there early so you can be assured that you will get a seat. We had to wait in line for about 20 minutes and another 30 minutes in the theater. My kids becoming inpatient, started to whine “When is the movie going to start?” This is a valuable lesson, an another example, that nothing is free. You either pay with your time (waiting) or you pay with your money for instant access.

The current state of the economy and the political climate in Washington, DC has people waking up. They see our country heading on a path to socialism. In the passed it was easier to just sacrifice our money to the political cause we supported. It is my opinion, that our one-sided sacrifice of money and not using our time to pay attention that has put us at this huge cross roads. Your time is NOW required. People are getting off the couch and coming out of our house asking “what next,?“

They are looking for leadership and direction. It is my fear that they are going to start encountering groups with less than honorable motives, or attend an event that maybe did not go smoothly and wonder who is in control. It is important to discern the motives of any group that you wish to become involved, but please remember that groups like the Tea Party movement and 9 12 groups are being put together buy everyday citizens who have families and jobs. Event planning is out of their comfort zone and I applaud them for stepping up.

The one thing I have noticed, is the true grassroots movements are more interested in your time. They need your “one”, because together we are a “visible mass of droplets“. So I would urge anyone wanting to get involved, volunteer your time. It could be as simple as giving up a lunch hour to visit your representative office, attending an education event to get informed or reaching out to your neighborhood. Don’t be discouraged if things do go smoothly, if you think you could do it better than step up and help. If you feel a groups motives aren’t the direction you want to go then search for another. They are there! … but please whatever you do, don’t go back and sit on the couch.

“…….until an independence is declared, the continent will feel itself like a man who continues putting off some unpleasant business from day to day, yet knows it must be done, hates to set about it, wishes it over and is continually haunted with the thoughts of it’s necessity”
~ Thomas Paine